Unique, exclusive, one-of-a-kind project

XTONE welcomes Altissima, a brand new concept of integral service for large format surfaces through a natural, irreplaceable and exclusive product.

Altissima, a new enhancement to the XTONE project for sale and transformation of large format slabs. Presented as an an option offering endless design possibilities created from natural stone, where beauty, purity and irregularity of Mother Earth stand out.

After reaffirming itself as a successful firm in large format surfaces capable of capturing tangible realities through design in an innovative way, XTONE is expanding through a range of two product lines: sintered compact material surfaces and natural stone surfaces.

This new perspective entails a series of improvements that allow XTONE to stand out in a more competitive and efficient way, offering a global service for professionals in the construction, architecture and interior design sectors. Exclusive as never before… A new era begins with Altissima.

With the arrival of Altissima at XTONE, the Porcelanosa Group selection of raw materials takes on a broader meaning through a comprehensive and personalised service in the process of acquiring large format slabs. Both brands are brought together under the same direction, management and policy to offer an exclusive and unique experience.

Thanks to this new brand vision, Altissima joins XTONE in the realisation of projects with large format surfaces based on natural stone, characterised by its exclusivity, uniqueness and qualities.

Altissima offers infinite possibilities through its natural products in which the beauty of nature itself is reflected at the highest level thanks to quality materials and high performances.

This project focuses on two channels:

Kitchen sector

Through an exclusive selection of countertops with materials coming from different geographical areas, it enlivens these spaces with the natural product that best suits the customer’s needs.

Tailored design concept

It is presented as an integral and personalised solution.

Natural stone surfaces reach the private individual through this new concept, as XTONE grants the possibility of advising and finding its trusted processors.

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On the other hand, the customer can choose an integral management and execution of the project, therefore being accompanied from start to finish by XTONE.

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All of this encompasses the same idea: ”If it exists, it can be yours”. This option offers the possibility of making dreams come true for those who wish to make design go along with a unique and incomparable material.

For this reason, the company is evolving towards a specialisation in the sale and transformation of large format slabs with added value, through the exclusivity experienced in the process of purchasing and installing the natural product.

Listening, advising and bringing a project to life. A proposal that enhances a new vision through two major brands of large format boards, obtaining the possibility of offering a special product that will give life to each of the projects that are carried out.