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Home renovations

Whether it is for a kitchen reform, bathroom reform or any room in the house, you have to take into account aspects such as organisation, the selection of materials or the aesthetics that you want to characterise your project, all of which, if not approached in the right way, become the most common mistakes when it comes to home renovations.

Home renovations and the most common mistakes

Turning our home into a space according to our tastes, needs and lifestyle is, in itself, something very exciting. The house we live in has to be able to provide us with security, comfort and inspiration in our daily lives.

Although the excitement and enthusiasm to see our dreams come true can be a great source of motivation, we need more than that. Translating our ideas into the real world is no bed of roses.

Whether we decide to modify a single room or the entire house, it is a process with many factors that we need to keep under control. This is the only way to be fully satisfied with the final result.

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Poor organisation and foresight

Before starting, it is essential to have a solid project. Knowing what we want and how we want it will make everything much easier afterwards. In this sense, one of the best interior design tips is to dedicate some analysis time to carry out a complete preliminary study.

In addition, our ideas must be approved by professionals. Only they will be able to advise us properly on whether or not our requirements can be realised. This is essential, especially when we are thinking of undertaking a complete renovation of the house.

On the other hand, forgetting about the aesthetic line that the home should have is a fairly common mistake. Our interior design project must have information about the distribution, materials, colours, finishes, shapes and everything we can think of for our house.

This project must also include a detailed budget. Depending on its size, a renovation can involve a large outlay of money, so it is essential that we have everything well broken down. This will allow us to know the costs in advance and we will be able to make a better investment in materials for the house. Without a doubt, this is a very smart way to save us possible surprises later on.

If we spend enough time determining all these factors, the process of taking it from paper to reality will be much faster and more agile.

Not getting the materials right

Materials are a key aspect of interior decoration, and we are not just talking about aesthetics. The elements we use to dress the home respond to the needs of each house, in general, and each room, in particular.

Aspects such as the place, temperature, location or climate are determining factors when it comes to choosing one type or another for the surfaces of the home. For this reason, we should not just go by the appearance, but make a careful and conscientious selection.

In this sense, XTONE proposes different options with which to obtain the perfect balance between functionality and aesthetics.

The sintered compact allows us to achieve interesting wood or marble finishes with the best characteristics for the home. We are talking about large format pieces with a large number of applications, easy to combine, high quality, waterproof and very resistant.

In short, perfect to stand the test of time like the first day.

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Other errors related to decoration and design

Apart from the mistakes already mentioned, which have more to do with the project in general, there are other more specific ones about the choices made in terms of style and decoration. Let's see what they are.

- Failure to take into account current needs

It is true that it never hurts to be proactive when carrying out a refurbishment, so the best thing to do is to always prioritise the current moment in which we find ourselves in order to make the right and appropriate decisions based on this.

In this context, it is important to take into account the quality and performance of the materials that are used for which room we are going to use it, and that depending on the use we are going to give it, we will have to take into account the characteristics of the material.

For example, for countertop application, XTONE is the ideal choice thanks to the performance of the material; the compact sintered surfaces are resistant to high temperatures, allowing hot elements to be placed on them; they also have a strong resistance to scratches, so they can be cut without the need to use boards.

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On the other hand, they have a low porosity which increases hygiene and safety, preventing the proliferation of fungi and bacteria. In short, they are ideal for worry-free food handling.

- Following passing aesthetics

Current trends in decoration may be all very well to inspire us, but they should not set the style of our home. The smartest thing to do is to adapt these trends to your own tastes and lifestyle.

XTONE offers a wide range of options to dress our home. Thanks to the different designs it presents, we can move away from the trends of the moment and get designs with personality and timeless, a bet in decoration that never goes out of fashion.

We should not make the mistake of getting carried away by passing fashions if they are not in tune with our own style. As we said, XTONE allows us to combine different styles and designs such as marble with surfaces that emulate wood or steel, or marble itself. An option that allows us to introduce new trends but without leaving aside our essence.

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- Furnishing at the end

Logic would lead one to believe that it is wise to wait until the building work is finished before starting to furnish. However, doing this can complicate the project considerably.

We must know how we are going to furnish the different rooms from the start. If we don't, we will see that, when we are faced with this process, inconveniences will appear that are difficult to solve.

For this phase XTONE becomes the perfect ally, with its finished product line we can start to decide what type of furniture we want in each room, from bathroom furniture with washbasins, shower trays or bathtubs; to living room furniture such as the range of tables presented by the sintered compact. Tables of high visual aesthetics and excellent performance that elevate any room to another level.

An option that we should take into account from the beginning, since thanks to the designs presented by the Porcelanosa firm, we can combine them with flooring or cladding and create a fascinating effect of contrasts.

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Being forward-thinking from the start and having a full understanding of what the end result will look like will help us to follow a common thread and ensure that changes are kept to a minimum and don't delay the project.

In short, there are certain mistakes in renovations that are inevitable and unavoidable, especially when it is our first time. However, thanks to this guide we have prepared, detecting the faults in our project and correcting them will be much easier. With a little perseverance and good planning, we will soon be able to see how our efforts begin to bear fruit.