Fair CERSAIE 2021

The brand specialising in large format slabs breaks with the architectural standards with extravagant, exotic, and ground-breaking pieces. The new collections elevate the reflection of marble to its maximum expression.

For yet another year, Porcelanosa has trusted XTONE to create the stand. Extraordinary and stunning, this is the exhibition where the brand has captured the new additions creating a unique space formed by the reception, cafeteria, and meeting rooms.

XTONE has boosted the new products through environments with personality, capable of projecting dream designs inspired by marble. The sintered compact represents a functional and aesthetic solution through the large format, covering all types of architectural needs thanks to its adaptation to any type of space and application.

Fusion of styles and dream surfaces in 200 sqm

The main booth has recreated a common area composed of open and connected rooms: reception, cafeteria, and meeting rooms. The space displayed, following a common thread through classic and vintage style decorative elements, the most amazing peculiarities and features of the new collections inspired by the most exquisite and unique marble.

Emerald Green, Marquina Black or Invisible White, are some of the collections that make it possible for the design to reach its highest level through surfaces that reflect the distinctive design of the most sumptuous and sophisticated marbles.

In the cafeteria, two collections in their polished finish stand out thanks to the play of contrasts created in the space. Marquina Black tributes to the beauty of pure black, revealing a unique intensity and strength in any of its applications. In contrast, Invisible White brings light and spaciousness through a canvas characterised by its peculiar, veined structure.

Both have given way to the architectural route that holds the booth by means of a guiding thread represented by different decorative elements in gold. All the rooms reflect this idea through different pieces such as the golden metallic structure that covers the reception area, as well as the succession of decorative profiles in the interior and facade.

The grandeur and spectacular nature of the large-format XTONE slabs has been shown through the successive exhibition of the most exclusive designs which in turn make up the structure of the booth, producing a great visual effect. The finished product line also took centre stage at the exhibition with the presence of the Whole Ceramic collection, with the XTC and XTS tables.

Finally, the end of the hall featured a volume that gave shape to the counter with the Oxide Brown collection. An industrial touch that has managed to break with the marble effect atmosphere.

The majesty of marble on functional spaces

The decorative elements and the XTONE tables have defined the rooms for meetings and business meetings, enhancing the adaptability of the material to any format or surface.

Inspired by the most classic marble, Taj Mahal interprets fine quartzite in a design with a classic-renewed aesthetic. A style that fully integrates into the room, which, when applied on floor and wall coverings, has become the perfect reflection of sophistication and attractiveness.

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Orobico Dark transferred the more extravagant side of nature on trims to enhance, together with Taj Mahal, the more classical side of interior design. It is the tables of the XTC series that complemented the space on a surface characterised by the beautiful golden veining that brings Calacatta Gold to life.

Counteracting the more classic side that invades the room, the setting concluded with Oxide Grey, bringing the more industrial side to the room, and leading towards the facade with different vertical gold applications. A preview of what visitors were about to discover outside the booth.

On the other hand, in another of the rooms, the XTS table with the ''must have'' Viola Rossé, also covering one of the side walls, stood out as a central element. The delicate design of Orobico Grigio, combined with the high graphic richness that represents it, managed to create a sense of visual continuity between floor and wall.

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Assimilating contrasting influences, the booth has shown its ability to combine elements of different styles to create an impressive and striking space. The union of the classic, through marble-inspired surfaces, trims, golden details, or vintage style elements, with a more ground-breaking and industrial style has made possible this game of contrast with which it has eclipsed the visitors during the fair.