Steady trend towards calacatta marble

XTONE reproduces this marble variety by enhancing the prestige and beauty of each of its features

In recent years, marble effect floor and wall tiles have managed to establish themselves as a highly fashionable decorative resource.

With the possibility of reproducing the aesthetics of natural stone with other types of materials, several ceramic brands have launched a wide range of marble products.

Of all the varieties of marble, the Calacatta is one of the most sought-after today for its natural beauty and uniqueness. The careful chromatism of the off-white base and the fine veins in different shades evoke a unique timeless sensation. In trend in the last two years, Calacatta marble leads all types of spaces: a way to incorporate natural elements into any type of room.

The sintered mineral compact XTONE reproduces this model with a high level of aesthetics and unique qualities through two new designs: Calacatta Gold and Calacatta Green, the right choice for many architects and interior designers to design rooms where distinction and delicacy become key features.

Calacatta Gold: updating the classic style

The elegance and nobility of the classic white marble is materialized with Calacatta Gold by XTONE. Featuring luminous veins with distinguished golden details, it offers the possibility of projecting endless continuity both vertically and horizontally, turning it into an endless surface.

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Warm-looking, it is already a trend in classic-style interior design, not only for bathrooms and kitchens, but for all types of rooms. With different shades, in 2020 this trend is renewed betting on a more industrial character where the color combinations are given through the accessories.

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Ideal for bringing light and elegance to interior spaces and rooms, with more luxurious decorations.

Calacatta Green: from minimalist lines to organic spaces

The noble marble par excellence has been rediscovered by XTONE and is presented as a new trend, in a much more modern version, adapted to new designers.

Popular for its typical veins, Calacatta Green simulates the growth of tree roots and boosts the brightness of spaces in each of its formats: 150x300cm, 120x250cm and 120x120cm allowing it to adapt to any type of surface and to be combined in integrated spaces.

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For a bright and timeless interior design, the Calacatta collections combine durability and quality to meet the highest demands.