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29th Edition: New textures and a vision

Last Monday saw the start of the 29th edition of Porcelanosa's International Architecture Exhibition, where all its firms opened their doors to take the thousands of attendees into truly avant-garde worlds. In this edition, product novelties, the latest trends in interior design and the new large production plant, Planta 4, were the main protagonists.

XTONE: the perpetuity of sophistication

By breaking away from the traditional product exhibition, XTONE is consolidating the design of a conceptual showroom with a staging where the product is the true protagonist. The impeccable graphic detail of the new collections, the commitment to noble materials and the development of new textured finishes become the focus of an exhibition that leaves no one indifferent.

The roughness of stone is transferred to the Miradas room, with the large-format Pietra Sicilia porcelain tile and the Montreal Ice texture. Spaces of neutral tones that show a clear trend towards the organic and natural during the coming years. Elements such as fire, represented by the design of Orobico Dark and the worn aesthetics of Oxide Brown come to life in a passage with a double intention of movement: the simulation of lava with pure semi-circular shapes and the exploration of depth with the product on different planes.

In contrast, black marble makes its presence felt with the most elegant novelty presented at Cersaie 2022, Argos Black, covering the central block of the showroom, where the modulation possibilities of the material are on display.

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Alpinus White, the undisputed protagonist

The absolute novelty of XTONE was undoubtedly the new Alpinus White, whose design reproduces the Brazilian stone with great verisimilitude, highlighting small crystals on a background of cream tones. A wild design that has notably surprised all those who contemplate the Sommelier room.

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An ostentatious space full of elegance whose main enclave is an island that emerges from the floor and seems to float. Around it extends a room that shows the continuity of Alpinus White enveloping the whole space under a concept that revolves around the world of wine. Tall wine cabinets are integrated into the walls of the space, giving a glimpse of the product in the background. The majesty of this space is consolidated with the texture finish of Alpinus White, an amazingly natural and unique touch which, through its grooves, enhances the colours of the weave.

Porcelanosa Experience: Meet and Greet

Familiar faces such as Irene Echevarría (Blanco Metro), María José Navarro Segura and Estela Martin (Estela Maca), and new faces such as Inma Soria (Coohuco) and Agustina Wade (Coton et Bois) did not want to miss out on the new trends in interior design. A creative botanical workshop in Krion, the showcooking of Chef Bosquet or a painting workshop in Noken are some of the activities that the group has prepared exclusively for the meeting.

With a little train ride, they were able to contemplate the imposing Plant 4, a pioneer in avant-garde and sustainability, awarded as the most innovative production plant in the world. The end of the day took place in the XTONE showroom with a visual show by Maca & Julieta where the attendees were introduced to the meticulous art of decorating sweets and desserts. All of them made, of course, with local and seasonal products, which could be tasted at the end of the workshop.

This twenty-ninth edition of the exhibition has been very special for the Porcelanosa Group, coinciding with the celebration of its 50th anniversary. The firm has once again shared its enthusiasm for innovation, style and the avant-garde, all while appealing to sustainability and the nature of the elements.

Product differentiation, purity of material and tailored design; the staging of XTONE