Models with high plurality of dimensions and variants. The enveloping frame that defines its structure characterizes its design.

Available in many different configurations depending on the dimensions, amount of bowls, integrated or not tap, and height.


  • 48x48 cm
  • 90x48 cm
  • 120x48 cm
  • 150x48 cm
  • Height 24 cm
  • Height 90 cm

& flat

XTONE sinks offer customization of the drainage system. On the one hand, the Deep series direct the water flow through a straight slot, while the Flat series stands out for its flat and accessible cover.

90x48x24 cm • Oxide Grey XBF L FLAT

XBF L FLAT 90x48x24 cm • Oxide Grey

150x48x90 cm • Aria Withe XBF 2C DEEP

XBF 2C DEEP 150x48x90 cm • Aria Withe

48x48x90 cm • Nylo Noir XBF X DEEP

XBF X DEEP 48x48x90 cm • Nylo Noir

150x48x24 cm • Calacatta Gold XBF C FLAT

XBF C FLAT 150x48x24 cm • Calacatta Gold