All green at Marbella Design and Art

The great versatility and the ability to adapt to any style, have reassured at Marbella Design & Art 2022 that XTONE is a safe bet in interior design. Marbella consolidates as one of the most important design cities of our country with the celebration of the fifth edition of Marbella Design & Art, where XTONE has marked its presence in four of the spaces presented by important national decorators and interior designers.

With the participation of half a hundred designers and more than 180 firms, XTONE has captivated the attendees with its exclusive designs, becoming the green marble in a must for the designers.

From the 3rd until the 13th of November, the interior design studios AALTO Exclusive Design, Marta Corsini, Somos2studio and Susana Urbano put faith in XTONEs sintered stone for the design of their spaces, showing the great versatility of the product through many representations of it.

Somos2studio and the Ágora of Design Institute of Spain

María Díaz and Eva Jurado, from Somos2studio, were the ones in charge of designing the space Ágora Lounge, where the conferences and acts of the event have taken place. For that, they counted on XTONE for the flooring, where they chose the Calacatta Green collection, giving the space a great spaciousness and elegance.

To highlight the main zone of the speakers and protagonists of the acts, they created a three-level volume with slabs of different size from the Emerald Green Collection, emphasising exquisite colour of the collection as decorative element on the wall.

The “Serenity” space by AALTO Exclusive Design

A quiet space where to relax and enjoy with family and friends in the private bar or comfortably in the home cinema. AALTO Exclusive Design has been able to transmit that feeling of warmth through their space Serenity, a place of warm lights, neutral tones and ambient music that reach a calmed and relaxed atmosphere.

To culminate this sea of calmness, AALTO has combined the collections Calacatta Green and Liem Black for the flooring all along the bar zone and the chimney, both in polished finish, giving elegance and majesty to the room.

Marta Corsini and the unexpected dialogue of the senses

The interior designer Marta Corsini has created a totally welcoming space where to feel at home as soon as we come in.

Under the name “To look, to touch, to feel. An Unexpected Dialogue”, organic materials as wicker, bamboo, linen and wood create a warm and neutral atmosphere that contrasts with the Alpi Verde collection from XTONE, which breaks that linearity with the rest of the elements.

Marta Corsinireaches to fuse perfectly the different materials with the serenity of the space. The projected lights and shadows emphasize the elegance of the elements selected to the room.

The Susana Urbano’s space of freedom

The proposal of Susana Urbano for this Marbella Design & Art edition has been a completely revindication to freedom of women.

With her space Freedom she has created a place full of energy and strength where one of the most vibrant collection of XTONE, Blue Roma, could not be missed and has been used as the worktop of the isle. The vivacity of its tonality and the contrast with its dappled give the ideal elegance and the strength to fuse with the rest of the elements of the space.

Definitely, the bond with professionals. The great versatility of the product reflected in different applications and its ability to adapt itself to any style, have reassured at Marbella Design & Art 2022 that XTONE is a safe bet in interior design.