XTONE Kitchens

Elegant, personal and functional, XTONE is the material that contains magnificent qualities to make your kitchen the space of your dreams. Combining the elegance of the most exclusive designs with the unlimited possibilities of transformation of the material is a sure bet on the road to success.

The 154 x 328 sheet and its 12 mm, conceived for transformation into different volumes, give rise to hygienic work surfaces with guaranteed future and maximum elegance.

This leads to the creation of kitchen furniture with exclusive interior designs thanks to an unalterable surface that allows exclusive ideas to be conceived in a variety of thicknesses that adapt to each need.

XTONE is the perfect worktop ally for its extraordinary scratch resistance and ability to absorb the energy of impacts and loads while keeping its integrity.

The virtually null porosity of the material avoids the absorption of liquids and gases, preventing the accumulation of odors, making it the most hygienic material designed for your kitchen. Its inalterability to chemical products of domestic use and a high resistance to any type of stains, as well as the stability against sudden change of temperatures make it an indispensable element.

XTONE provides the functionality required without losing the elegance and design of the home.