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Through the opening of 20 exhibition centres, XTONE projects its business establishing its own distribution network, its own logistics means and continuous stock. These different distribution centres offer a comprehensive service to professionals and to their clients through a customise and exclusive experience during the selection and purchase of the product.

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Synergy between exclusiveness and design

Library centres are characterised by careful aesthetics, where each product sample is carefully prepared and displayed in such a way that they create together the harmony of the space. The disposition of the samples along the room make the visitor to get into the exclusive world of the natural stone Altissima, by XTONE, through a varied selection of products that are updated constantly.

These rooms have digital means and tools for professionals, thanks to which a customise and custom-made service is offered to guarantee the satisfaction of the clients.

These Library centres are established as a scene to approach the natural stone to the client so they can appreciate in real time the beauty and the exclusiveness of its nature and its designs. In this project, XTONE counts on local presence of stock in the natural stone market through continuous supply where the product is marked by a care selection adapted geographically, to the market trends and to the professionals’ demands.

Furthermore, XTONE counts on a highly qualified professional network for this project: technical and logistics office and sales teams specialised in the distribution channel, the stone industry and in the nature of product, permitting to differentiate in the current market in a more competitive and efficient way.

The raw material, closer than ever

Thanks to the ambitious growing plan developed by the firm, XTONE counts on logistics centres strategically located in some different national points. Furthermore, it widens its expansion policy towards the international scope, with new openings in Germany, United States, Scotland, Great Britain, France, Italy and Brazil.

New plant, new challenges

Aligned with the upcoming opening of the new plant, XTONE gives rigidity to the project guaranteeing the continuous supply and service of all of these centres and to the projection of the business in the international market. With more than 36.000m2, this innovative plant specialised in large format is positioned as the world’s most modern and pioneer installation of the international ceramic sector.

Thanks to that, XTONE can consolidate as a referent in the large format market, both national and internationally, and counting globally on a gradually stronger presence through a powerful and distinguished project aimed to industry professionals, architects and interior designers.

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