Niekończące się lato

6 min

11 sie 2023

Skromny hołd dla materiałów przepuszczających światło i kolorów zapewniających ciepło i aromaty, które przenoszą nas do świeżości Morza Śródziemnego.


Wonder Chamber – kolekcja osobistych obsesji na rzecz budowania kuchni

8 min

18 maj 2023

Delamora uczestniczy jeszcze przez rok w Casa Decor razem z Vonna Estudio i XTONE z koncepcją kuchni, która prowadzi nas w nieznane, w nową rzeczywistość


Doux Heritage: Kuchnia z autentycznym hiszpańskim dziedzictwem

8 min

18 maj 2023

Germán Álvarez, dyrektor kreatywny firmy Cuarto Interior, inspiruje się najczystszą esencją Morza Śródziemnego dla przestrzeni SixtyPro


Luxury Nomad, Casa Decor 2023

8 min

18 maj 2023

DOSALCUBO przedstawia na platformie CASA DECOR całkowicie oryginalną propozycję opartą na nomadach XXI wieku z XTONE jako kluczowym elementem przestrzeni


Christmas inspiration

8 min

27 gru 2022

Revising the trends that will predominate in one of the most special times of the year, winter. XTONE makes an ode to Christmas with materials and textures able to create stylish interiors.


Autumn Inspiration

8 min

23 wrz 2022

The trends for autumn are a way of adapting the home to the real needs we have and provide ideas for warmer and cosier atmospheres.


Timeless decoration with XTONE

8 min

15 lip 2022

Opting for a timeless decoration is a very wise decision to dress our home. How can we achieve it? We review all the key aspects to achieve this style.


Summer Inspiration

8 min

22 cze 2022

Summer trends are a way of adapting the home to the real demands we have and provide ideas for cooler, more relaxing environments.

IMAGEN 15.webp

Dress the walls with XTONE

8 min

08 cze 2022

We give you all the keys to cover any room in the home with XTONE; high quality material, excellent performance and high visual aesthetics.

IMAGEN 9 (2).webp

Trending colors for kitchens

6 min

08 cze 2022

Discover the colors for kitchens that are trending this 2022 through the XTONE collections; designs of high visual aesthetics with which to accompany these spaces.

Foto portada orobico grigio.webp

Home renovations

8 min

04 maj 2022

There are certain factors that lead us to make the most common mistakes when starting a home renovation. We analyse some of them in order to tackle them in the right way.

foto portada onice green.webp

Bathroom design for 2022

8 min

21 kwi 2022

The bathroom trends for 2022 are impregnated with the most modern and up-to-date style. We review each of the fundamental points that will mark the identity of this room.


Spring inspiration

8 min

28 mar 2022

XTONE proposes a combination of materials, textures and colours inspired by the most floral season of the year, characterising every space in the home with functionality and design.


Sustainability, the transformation of interior design

8 min

24 mar 2022

Sustainability is marking and transforming trends in decoration. Let's take a closer look at the foundations on which this new way of understanding interior design is based.


Ode to wild and singular aesthetics.

3 min

03 lis 2021

XTONE is committed to exuberant and nature-inspired collections through designs capable of incorporating the essence of nature into the space and enhancing its most luxurious side.


Arch recovery

4 min

19 maj 2021

XTONE extols the trend in arches, which transcends time horizons and becomes the reflection of culture and evolution, where the Renaissance merges with the contemporary.


Kitchen trends

3 min

20 lip 2020

XTONE offers different trend proposals in kitchens. A series of inspirational ideas with a wide variety of designs that can be adapted to any style.


Steady trend towards calacatta marble

3 min

01 kwi 2020

In trend in the last two years, Calacatta marble stars in all kinds of spaces: a way to incorporate natural elements into any type of room.


XTONE Kitchens

2 min

02 paź 2019

XTONE is the material that contains magnificent qualities to make your kitchen the space you dream of. The scratch resistance and the ability to absorb impacts on the countertop are some of them.


Summer trends

3 min

25 lip 2019

XTONE presents a selection of floor and wall coverings made of the most suitable materials for this summer's decorative trends.