Spring inspiration

In the world of interior design, inspiration can come from anywhere. In fact, it is this search for new ideas that allows for innovation and the evolution of the different styles and elements that make up all that interior design entails.

However, nature or the seasons are always excellent starting points for integrating materials. There is nothing better than taking as a reference point something as perfect as the planet we live on. There is no doubt that there is almost no limit to what can be learned from it and a multitude of applications for industry. In this sense, XTONE pays homage to the most floral and joyful season of all. Can we live in a constant spring? Of course, with the proposed materials, it is quite easy to do so.

Specifically, we are talking about these three options: Ewood Honey, Tivoli Beige and Emerald Green. Together or separately, these materials have the ability to evoke intrinsic aspects of spring and bring them directly into the home.

We can't forget either that, beyond the exceptional design and features of the pieces, a commitment to the environment is another of our big bets. It wouldn't make much sense to use nature as an excuse to create these materials if we don't take care of it and respect it. The sintered compact mineral is a completely natural material and 100% recyclable, which allows it to be completely regenerated after its useful life. In addition, the production process is designed to have the least possible impact on the environment.

Tivoli Beige

Tivoli Beige is the name given to this sintered compact that recovers the classic travertine marble and adapts it to the 21st century. Elegance and versatility are the maximum insignia of this material destined to dress all types of surfaces.

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Nor can we forget the precious diversity of shades that can be found in its veining. Mother-of-pearl, cream and ivory play freely drawing patterns that add dynamism and infinite nuances to each piece.

On some spring mornings, the sun's rays bathe the first flowers so that they can open their petals. In the same way, Tivoli Beige acts as a warm and luminous breath of light in interior spaces. In addition, its timelessness and neutral colour allow it to blend comfortably into any place and environment, as well as to stand the test of time and changing trends with great dignity.

Ewood Honey

Wood is one of the most classic and timeless materials. It has been present since the earliest buildings and is a key element in a multitude of decorative styles. Rustic, Nordic, Scandinavian and also Mediterranean are some of the examples we can point to.

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However, even if it seems to have been done and dusted, it can still be reinvented in interesting ways like this one. Ewood Honey offers the warmth, comfort and beauty that only Balkan chestnut trees can provide. It is the natural touch that will transport us to spring walks in the forest. But it also comes with other interesting features and benefits of the sintered compact.

- It is waterproof. That is, thanks to its low porosity, it prevents liquids and odours from being absorbed. This is incredibly useful, as it allows us to integrate the aesthetics of wood in places that might seem unthinkable, such as bathrooms or kitchens.

- It is more resistant and durable. Opting for Ewood is an excellent investment, as it is a material that is destined to last and withstand all kinds of conditions. Natural wood, on the other hand, is a much more delicate element that can easily deteriorate.

- It is easy to maintain. Due to its resistance and durability, it does not require a great deal of maintenance, only daily cleaning will suffice.

- Versatility. With the different formats that XTONE offers for combining materials, it can be successfully used in a multitude of spaces. In addition, it is also worth mentioning that the Ewood collection is available in various shades in addition to Honey, so the range of possibilities is even greater.

Emerald Green

Green is another characteristic colour for this time of year. The first buds of the year tinge the forests and mountains with an explosion of greenery that heralds the arrival of the season. So, of course, we could not fail to count on this tonality to configure what will be our letter of introduction for this season.

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Emerald Green is the name we have given to this magnificent sintered compact. What is most striking is its green colour in the yador shade. It merges into a spectacular and very striking design with some light and some copper-coloured veins. This makes it a material that, as well as taking us back to nature, its exoticism can be very interesting from a decorative and aesthetic point of view.

It certainly evokes luxury and the most ostentatious opulence, but it has the immeasurable advantage of being a sustainable product. It can easily become the protagonist and the centrepiece of any room. Green is also a colour that conveys peace and tranquillity, making it an excellent choice for living rooms. In fact, there is a quote from the German author Goethe that already pointed this out: "One wants no more and can do no more. That is why green is the colour of choice for walls in rooms where one spends the most time.

Our winning combination

Knowing how to combine materials is one of the most important points when it comes to decoration. In fact, the three proposals presented are designed to combine exceptionally well with each other.

A clever use of these spring-inspired surfaces will turn any room into an ode to spring. This is our proposal for the bathroom.

- The floor is made up of Tivoli Beige Nature flooring in 120 x 120 cm format. In this simple way, we manage to provide this part of the room with great luminosity. Not only because of its light colour, but also because of its ability to reflect the light coming from outside.

- We took advantage of this material to also cover a partition wall that does not reach the ceiling and which will be the base for the washbasin taps. With this simple action, this element is integrated into the composition and visually expands the room.

- For the cladding of the sliding door wardrobe, we used Ewood Honey Nature in 150 x 300 cm panels. The aesthetics inspired by the Balkan chestnut trees match very well with the beige tones offered by the material we have applied on the floor.

- Emerald Green, on the other hand, will form part of the XBF washbasin, measuring 48 x 48 x 90 cm. With the use of this green, we bring the attention of the room to this functional element. The taps belong to the Lignage collection by Noken and stand out for their brushed gold finish. We can complete the daily toilet area with a shelf made of the same material integrated into the wall in which we have used the Tivoli Beige Nature.

- Another important piece in the room, the bathtub, also belongs to Noken. It is the Soleil Round model, which has a gloss white finish. Due to its large dimensions, white is an excellent option in order not to compete with the rest of the elements in the bathroom. The taps follow the same line used in the basin, which provides homogeneity.

Combining materials with decorative elements

We finish off the composition with some elements that enhance the materials already used. The first of these is a pouf upholstered in suede in Pantone colour 5797 C, which imitates the shade of the Emerald Green sintered compact very well. The lampshade is hand-woven and is a decorative object in its own right.

Vegetation is a must and we have chosen the cherry blossom, whose blossoming is an unmistakable feature of spring. In addition, it helps to integrate even better the concepts we have played with, providing certain reminiscences of traditional Japanese decoration.

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XTONE offers real gems that represent the spirit of spring very well. It only remains to combine the materials in the right way, as we have done here, for the result to be exceptional.