Ode to wild and singular aesthetics.

XTONE is committed to exuberant and nature-inspired collections through designs capable of incorporating the essence of nature into the space and enhancing its most luxurious side.

The search for increasingly natural and striking elements for interior design and architecture evidence the desire to achieve unique pieces to accompany the spaces.

That is why the projection of designs inspired by marble, with the latest XTONE collections as a reference, becomes the most distinctive option for anyone who wants to bring a touch of distinction and sophistication to its rooms.

Designs that evoke naturalness preserving the elegance of classic marble.

Demonstrating the greatness and spectacularity of the pieces, our Emerald Green collection is one of the most striking designs. The purity of the yador green highlights the exuberance of marble together with the beauty of nature.

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The antithesis of marble is established through Marquina Black and Invisible White. Both collections present a canvas characterised by deeply marked and irregular veins reminiscent of a criss-crossed natural landscape, while reflecting the most stunning details of the natural stone they emulate.

Our sintered mineral compact expresses the wilder side of nature through the Astana Grey collection, being one of the latest additions to the firm along with Orobico Grigio. Both designs combine greige tones with intense browns to create architectural compositions that exalt the beauty of nature.

The firm specialized in large-format slabs is the synthesis between luxury and naturalness. XTONE proves the above with its latest collections, which are a safe bet to create spaces with a transgressive, daring and hypnotising style.