OBRA BLANCA 2021 Trade Show

Porcelanosa Grupo's sintered compact mineral accompanies the brand's booth, echoing with its most avant-garde and innovative collections at the second edition of OBRA BLANCA EXPO.

Architecture and interior design professionals, international buyers, industry leaders and/or project management experts have visited the event during October 12, 13 and 14, 2021.

XTONE strengthens its large-format slabs project in Porcelanosa's new showroom for the Obra Blanca Expo in Mexico, a 366m2 space in the Artz Pedregal shopping mall.

The company consolidates its adaptability and its unlimited possibilities for spaces, as well as its excellent performance for large-scale projects, among others. To this end, it presents a range of collections inspired by the beauty of marble designed for architectural and interior spaces.

Elegance and sobriety in the same space

The reception area of the booth takes prominence thanks to the fusion of styles that originates with the application of the Viola Blue and Oxide Grey collections. Both designs make up a space capable of mixing totally different styles, but with a groundbreaking result full of personality.

It is worth highlighting the original design of the counter and the circular decorative elements that accompany the wall covering, showing different collections of the brand.

A tribute to design and architecture

The living room, a dream kitchen and the tribute to natural stone, are responsible for shaping the ''living area'' of the stand. A space capable of reflecting the adaptability of the material to any format or surface.

Paonazzo Biondo and Oxide Grey accompany the living area, giving shape to the fireplace that acts as a dividing element with the kitchen. Glem White is in charge of dressing the floor and island of the room combined with Gamadecor kitchen furniture.

Finally, the majesty of natural stone does not go unnoticed thanks to the application of Pangea-Altissima granite on a huge backlit bookmacht, suspended from the ceiling above the Taj Mahal collection.

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An event that gives visitors the opportunity to learn about and analyze the qualities and textures of materials, focusing on the professionalization of an increasingly complete and sophisticated industry.