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Trending colors for kitchens

Selecting the color palette in our home is not always easy. It is not enough to choose our favorite color, we must take into account other aspects, such as the characteristics of the space, the type of room or decoration.

Although they should not dictate 100% how our house should be, it is interesting to know the trends as well, since we can adapt them to our needs, tastes and lifestyle.

Key color choices for kitchens in 2022

In recent years it has been shown that kitchens are in full change, these rooms have gone from being limited to basic colors (white, black or brown) to cover a wide chromatic palette, where any color has a place. This allows playing with endless combinations and decorative possibilities to achieve an avant-garde and functional kitchen.

Thanks to the new possibilities we have in decorative elements and materials for these spaces, we find XTONE as the perfect ally.

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The firm combines the possibility of adapting its surfaces to this room through its application in kitchen countertops, cladding or flooring; as well as providing it with a daring and groundbreaking style through the wide variety of finishes and designs that allow the integration of different colors and textures in the room.

Below, we take a look at what colors are trending for kitchens and which XTONE collections can be used in these rooms.

Kitchens with XTONE

Sintered compact is a material that offers great performance, especially when applied to this room: the kitchen. Resistance and durability are aspects that must be properly assessed in these spaces, since countertops are places exposed to continuous use and wear.

In addition to surprising for its other features such as hygiene, easy cleaning and the wide range of finish possibilities, it also stands out for its design and color options.

Clearly, it becomes the best union between functionality and design, framing itself as an essential element in any modern kitchen.


White is one of the unbeatable colors for kitchens. It transmits purity, hygiene, neatness, it is timeless and creates a good base canvas for the rest of the decoration. Of course, there are many ways to apply it so that it is not "the same as always".

In this sense, the Moon White collection becomes a great option to dress countertop and backsplash, which will give the room an effect of continuity and spaciousness with a touch of light. Its simplicity and minimalism conquer us completely. In its different applications, a bright, cozy kitchen with a rustic touch is achieved.o.

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Gray is the "new neutral" that interior designers talk so much about. This color is elegant and, in addition, provides an interesting range, from the darkest to the lightest (you can also play with its warmth).

This season, the most successful ones are those in the medium to dark range, even those that mix different shades of its chromatic palette. Among them, we can highlight the ''greige'' tone that, captured on the Orobico Grigio collection, brings to the space the most dramatic and extravagant side of nature. A most interesting option.


Brown in all its variants and, in particular, the wood finish, triumph among the countertops of this 2022. Innovations allow us to bet on this finish without having to suffer for its deterioration, as it happens with natural wood. Undoubtedly, Ewood Camel is ideal for this purpose.

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With a warm, light wood look, the collection pairs well with white cabinets and surfaces that emulate classic marble, as is the case with the Aria White collection.


As a fashionable color, blue is also very present in countertops. Blue tones are among the most sought after and in all its versions; this time XTONE bets for a daring design and high graphic richness, away from solid colors, with the Viola Blue collection.

In addition to accompanying kitchen surfaces such as countertops or islands, it is also an ideal option for covering furniture such as tables. An alternative that shows the possibilities offered by the material, becoming a compact element of high visual aesthetics and excellent performance.


Black is a must. It is the best option when you are looking for elegance and distinction in the kitchen. The infinite possibilities it offers enrich it and make it very versatile.

In this sense, Liem Black becomes the most tempting option to dress this space. The collection exalts the sobriety of the most sophisticated marble through a careful design that reproduces it to perfection.

As we have seen, the colors of kitchens for this year surrender completely to cold shades such as gray, blue, black and white. Options that guarantee timelessness and elegance in our home. Likewise, warmer colors such as browns gain relevance through wood-effect designs, creating rustic and modern environments.

Thanks to materials such as XTONE sintered compact surfaces, matching trends to real life is undoubtedly a much easier and more satisfying process.