Christmas inspiration

Winter offers a wealth of options for interior design and decoration. From the use of bright colors and natural elements to the inclusion of soft textiles, there are multiple ways to create cozy and warm environments to give life to the spaces of our homes during this time of the year.

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Winter decoration is accompanied by the warmth provided by nature, materials in neutral shades, whites, and coppers that, together with the right elements, create spaces where surprising and sophisticated synergies are generated.

Play of colors and shades

This year the winter palette is composed of warm and natural shades inspired by the colors of the desert such as terracottas, reds, browns, and mustards to provide that differentiating touch in the spaces. The choice of certain elements makes these shades stand out on canvases based on neutral and cold colors, achieving through the mix & match effect the magic formula for this Christmas that is so sought after for this interior decoration.

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Being a clear star for Christmas decoration, the golden color is positioned as one of the most desired colors thanks to the subtlety and sophistication that it brings to the interior spaces.

If there is one XTONE collection that stands out this season is Paonazzo Biondo, the ideal choice to dress environments that make a difference and provide exclusivity thanks to the imposing veining that shows where intense caramel is combined with small golden flecks, revealing the most careful and sophisticated part of Christmas.

In a complementary way, the Ewood Nut collection offers a unique design, with an intense and warm color; an ideal option to bring charm to the home. It is also worth mentioning green, considered as another of the Christmas colors par excellence, from small winks and touches through natural elements such as fir or pine branches, even decorative objects that bring freshness and authenticity to the space.

Christmas spirit, sustainability, and design

For this Christmas season it is important to make use of elements that remind us of nature, the importance of self-care and materials that convey sensations and emotions to the touch; hence XTONE is the perfect choice thanks to the options offered in sintered stone slabs and natural stone.

The large format surfaces encompass the three key qualities to achieve the perfect winter decoration thanks to the demanding designs presented by the brand, which perfectly simulate the most particular qualities of wood, marble, stone or even metal; combined with the excellent qualities of the material, especially for its 100% natural and recyclable composition, and the low porosity that increases hygiene and safety in the spaces.

In this sense, it is worth mentioning the Fiori di Bosco collection, with a canvas reminiscent of the typical snowy, cold and grayish landscapes, providing that winter feeling due to its design, which combined with the Paonazzo Biondo collection, which brings warmth and elegance to the spaces, achieves a result that fits perfectly with the Christmas spirit that is so sought after for this season.

Another material that we cannot miss is, of course, wood. As a key element to provide warmth and comfort, the Ewood Nut collection is positioned as a benchmark for its features and the very accurate imitation offered of this noble material.

In short, the trends for this time of the year speak of nostalgia, but also of comfort and beauty, of classic designs with unexpected twists, of creating environments with lights and shadows, of spaces that convey magic and are full of life.