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35 years of Design, CASACOR 2022

In celebration of its 35th anniversary, CASACOR 2022 takes this commemorative edition to the heart of São Paulo: the Conjunto Nacional on Paulista Avenue, one of the city's most important architectural landmarks, designed 63 years ago by architect David Libeskind.

The exhibition opened its doors on 5 July and will run until 11 September under the theme "Infinite Private". An intense work that, as Paula Thyse - architect and president of the exhibition's curatorial council together with Livia Pedreira - reveals, creates spaces inside the building inspired by modern architecture.

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VM Stone of Brazil, official and exclusive representative of XTONE, bets on the versatility and durability of Porcelanosa's large format surfaces for this important exhibition of architecture, design and landscaping.

Modernist heritage of the 1950s

The shades of rusted steel are transferred to the warmth and sobriety of Oxide Brown, evoking an intense design, which integrates perfectly into the modern environment of Otto Felix, receiving the execution of Defriuli Mármores who knew how to use and mould the material with mastery.

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With durability as a key feature, Oxide Brown creates a protective barrier against corrosion, making the material even stronger than ordinary steel, making it one of the most versatile materials in architecture.

Living Art

Considered an iconic piece of design, Paonazzo Biondo stands out in the extraordinary "Living Art" environment of the architect Murilo Lomas, generating a lot of expectation among the creators, generating the expectation of becoming the new trend in wall and floor coverings in Brazil.

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With an ivory-look surface, this material has the power to transform walls and floors into an artistic canvas thanks to its high-definition image, with exquisite depth and sheen.

Counting on the incredible execution of Botânico Mármores, the space explores a renovation proposal with textures and colours that dialogue perfectly in every detail of the environment.

AMORphus Studio

The elegance ofXTONE Calacatta Gold Collection is present in "AMORphus Studio", a project by Wesley Lemos with Pedra Única Mármores.

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With warm and welcoming colours, the creation was developed for a young couple in love with contemporary art, Brazilian design and literature, reflecting the scholarly and popular combination.

A journey through Tuscany

Under the name "Tuscan Corner", Sabrina Salles creates a dream space, a project inspired by one of the most beautiful and idyllic Italian paradises. The architect makes her debut in the exhibition by creating an environment in which rustic elements are combined with Italian airs, which together result in a pleasant and surprising atmosphere.

| Photography: Kadu Lopes

With a high decorative and technological value, XTONE Paonazzo Biondo takes centre stage in the space by reproducing the natural shine of marble and the deep texture of its golden and caramel veins.

Impeccably executed by Arquitetura do Mármore, the porcelain surfaces shape the worktop and backsplash, as well as taking centre stage in the central island with its fine structure contrasting with the robust golden supporting pillars.

Spaces with cosmopolitan flair

The intersection of luminous streaks branching out along the grey surface characterises Liem Grey, becoming the protagonist of the space created by architects Edgar Rochell and Janaina Casagrande.

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| Photography: Renato Navarro

For "Studio 09", the architects were inspired by the nightlife of the city of São Paulo and the sober colour palette which together result in a dramatic atmosphere with a unique cosmopolitan feel, thanks to the excellent execution of the flooring carried out by Lagonegro Mármores & Granitos.

| Photography: Renato Navarro, Choice Image

Connection between rustic elements and technology

XTONE Carrara White enhances the beauty of the bathroom in the "Roots" suite by InTown Arquitetura, a project designed by architects Alexandre Barbosa and Hugo Schwartz.

Designed to take on the original structure and texture of the Conjunto Nacional building, the space shows the union between the different rustic elements, the technology and the lightness of the XTONE large format porcelain surfaces. A bathroom that, masterfully executed by the Ambiente Padrão - Mármores marble workshop, embraces tranquillity and audacity.

With the aim of creating memorable projects, the professionals opted for the beauties of the world, to create spaces that envelop the visitor in the culture and traditions of different countries.