Autumn Inspiration

Evoking sensations through interior design, as well as through nature, generates feelings, memories and emotions that are capable of inspiring us to create spaces in accordance with the season we are in. Now that autumn is here, it is the perfect time to ask ourselves what this season transmits to us and how we can express these ideas in the home.

Without a doubt, the arrival of autumn is the perfect excuse to find a style and a decorative essence that brings us harmony and peace.

Autumn, the time to pamper our home

After the holiday period, it is quite normal that we want to give a new look to the whole house and, with it, inspire us and fill us with energy. Autumn 2022 is full of new trends and other well-known trends that have been consolidated this season.

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Novelties based on two simple concepts: comfort and sustainability. Above all, the aim is to design rooms that convey personality and are welcoming and functional for their inhabitants.

Simple, clean lines

If there is one thing that stands out this season, it is minimalism, a concept that replaces ostentation with simplicity and delicacy. Simple, clean lines will be a constant in the autumn homes of 2022 to define simple environments, but full of details that make a difference and provide that extra comfort.

Natural and classic materials

The use of natural materials is sustained by the rise of sustainability, which invites us to opt for materials that reflect this essence and recreate the natural environments that we love so much.

However, it is not enough for them to be only natural materials or to convey that feeling, they must also be classic. They add a great deal of elegance and make timeless decorations that are destined to last.

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The clearest reference we highlight is the XTONE Calacatta Gold collection. The large format porcelain tile perfectly reproduces white marble, which is undoubtedly the material that best combines all the concepts mentioned: natural, classic and timeless. It is a combination with great warmth that perfectly matches the spirit of autumn.

Another material that we cannot fail to mention is, of course, wood. In this sense, the Ewood collection has positioned itself as a benchmark for its characteristics and the reliable imitation it offers of this noble material.

The Ewood Honey variety has the perfect shade to accompany this season. A medium colour with a warm undertone that recreates the grain of the Balkan chestnut trees with maximum precision. Thanks to its features, it can be used in all types of environments and architectural elements.

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Neutral and warm tones

Harmony, calm and tranquillity. The autumn palette is made up of neutral tones. Inspired by nature, the softest colours with warm touches are found in every corner of the home. XTONE presents two options that combine the natural purity of Montreal White and the character of Astana Grey:

Montreal White . This transitional colour is perfect. Its white hue brings brightness and style to any aspect of a room.

Astana Grey . Grey, another chromatic variety that bursts with force within the palette of neutrals. The collection presents a veining that offers the most interesting nuances in different shades of grey and brown.

The autumn trend for 2022 is an ode to comfort, minimalism and all that is special about this time of year. XTONE provides dreamy materials to create cosy and intimate spaces. Calacatta Gold, Montreal White, Astana Grey and Ewood Honey are the best starting point to create a modern decor full of personality.