Architecture, magic and imagination

XTONE goes beyond the limits at the 27th PORCELANOSA Grupo International Exhibition.

Over 12,000 attendees visited the twenty-seventh edition of Porcelanosa Grupo’s Global Architecture and Interior Design International Exhibition; an edition where sustainability and energy efficiency have become the most representative values of the event.

The opening of this professional showcase, which took place on Monday 27th, gave the eight firms in the group the opportunity to present new design opportunities to the different professionals in the field through their main new products for 2020.

URBATEK has opted this year for a new showroom concept that breaks with established standards. The potential and the versatility of geometries, forms and installations of the XTONE material, together with the will to introduce the user to a new atmosphere of ideas and possibilities have been the two fundamental premises for the development of the showroom project. A pure space that shows that talking about porcelain stoneware on the 2020 horizon is no longer synonymous with straight lines.

The project has been carried out by the mukaarquitectura studio, with the help of Moisés Royo, Doctor and professor at the School of Architecture of the Polytechnic University of Madrid, who has opted for a “conceptual project where the possibilities offered by working with this material can be seen with huge success”.

A new exhibition concept that has managed to distance the users from reality and immerse them in the world of ideas and sensory experiences, thus moving XTONExperience to a space of approximately 1000 square meters.

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XTONE uses the most avant-garde technology to convey to the user a project without barriers, not only in the ideas, but also in the execution. For this reason, the large format can be adjusted to the specific needs of each project through more or less complex cuts and modulations, offering itself as a material that proposes a global solution.

To this end, the exhibition forms a maze-like route that takes the visitor into up to fourteen rooms, each one different from the previous one, but which form part of a harmonious and innovative whole.

The itinerary of the showroom begins in the lobby, Estela, where a starry ceiling that suggests the unlimited capacity of imagination welcomes the visitor, showing the absence of limits of this material. It is followed by Pliegues, where the marble character and absence of gravity invades the room, and Huecos, the forms of which evoke windows to other worlds and where the curve is no longer a limit.

The next room is Fuego, which suggests the moment of firing the porcelain stoneware by means of backlighting. Impluvium de luz produces a dialogue between light and heavy through the opening that hangs from the ceiling and the halo of light that passes through it, alluding to spirituality. The Pieles room, focused on the possibility of finishes for worktops and furniture, represents the home and its new relationship with the environment.

Sombras gives way to the play between light and darkness, with the sensation of endless projection of the material; while the Natura room recalls the most primitive part of humanity through the combination of stone ceramics and vegetation and the saw teeth that make up the design of the innovative kitchen island. Materia transports the visitor to a forest of multiple combinations, shades, textures and finishes in the form of slender rotating columns with which the user can interact.

Agua is the room dedicated to the bathroom, where the dynamism of the lights and the materialism of rust complete an atmosphere created for relaxation; and Reflejos represents the possibility of curving the material on walls.

The advantages of the material and the play of geometries turn the Miradas room into a magical place. And finally, XTONEcafé and Origami are the rooms dedicated to dialogues and conversations, completing a suggestive and ethereal showroom where the porcelain stoneware material in its countless forms and its combination with different games of lights, sounds and aromas allow the viewers to immerse themselves in other dimensions. Mood Media has been the agency in charge of the careful selection of aromas and sounds defined for each room concept, achieving a unique sensory experience along the way.

Among the outstanding XTONE collections, proposals inspired by the most premium marbles or the most realistic metals have been incorporated. Some of the main features of these collections are their striking colors, as well as the graphic richness of their designs, offering the possibility of projecting both vertical and horizontal continuity, turning them into infinite surfaces. Exotic marbles such as Macauba Blue, Calacatta Gold or Alpi Verde have been the most eye-catching collections of the 9 new products presented by the brand.

Attendees had the opportunity to witness different events throughout the week. The introduction to the creative and architectural concept of the project, by Moisés Royo or the presentation of the brand-movie “Beyond the line” by the producer laQuadra were the most attractive speeches of the days of the exhibition. However, one of the surprises that captivated the audience was the presence of the renowned magician John Steiner. Known for entertaining parties and shows in Hollywood, he did not leave the audience indifferent to his entertaining tricks during the mornings of the show.

The Music Lounge section, by composer Álex Font, and the exclusive catering of Ciento2 made the uninterrupted visits to the exhibition more attractive.

In short, XTONE has managed to go beyond the mere visual exhibition of the material, of the lifestyle, to enter through the design in a suggestive world where the visitors have been able to feel their own experience.

A magical journey in the creation of architectural spaces.