Arch recovery

XTONE extols this constructive element, where contemporary beauty and recovered elements merge with arched architecture.

Architecture delves into the past and brings to light shapes, ideas and styles that are once again the protagonists of interior design. New trends focus on reinventing and giving a second chance to shapes that were once key elements in architecture.

No space can resist the latest decoration trend in 2021: the arch. This element is gaining ground on different spaces where its classical and Renaissance charm is recovered and combined with fresh and innovative aesthetic proposals.

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Despite being an element that belongs to ancient architecture, the arch is making a comeback in interior design projects thanks to its application in porticoes, windows or bay windows, while also being used to divide spaces. With a much-defined style, the arch becomes an additional resource capable of integrating into different environments through curves and organic shapes.

Tradition and innovation — the new trends in arches

As perfect allies that create continuity between different environments, arches are also capable to delimit areas in order to improve the spatial distribution in a harmonious and serene way.

The trend in arches crosses time and becomes a reflection of culture and evolution, where the Renaissance and the contemporary styles merge.

Through the use of arches in their different styles (segmental, elliptical, pointed or semi-circular), architects and interior designers enhance the essence of spaces, transforming them into more than just uniform canvas.

The different interior arches can both form part of the space or be an element of its architecture, distinguishing the environment in a natural and original way.

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In interior decoration, this option can fit environments where tradition is combined with avant-garde elements. With the application of surfaces capable of create unimaginable designs, XTONE manages to marry both styles, providing great value to the room.

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Rooms such as bathrooms, kitchens and even open areas are imbued with a trend that is reflected in decorative elements. These elements grant a dose of personality that is difficult to match and capable of enhancing the beauty of the spaces without interfering with them and accompanying them in a subtle way.

XTONE, versatility and design

The format is no longer a space or design limitation. Thanks to XTONE, it is possible to obtain infinite possibilities through different types of finishes: marble, cement, stone, wood or metal. This option gives us the possibility of creating combinations beyond imagination, offering total freedom to creativity.

The flexibility of XTONE’s designs makes it perfect to create combinations with the arches’ trend. The firm of large format surfaces introduces these decorative elements in dream rooms, both in glamorous environments or spaces where natural style is the protagonist.

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Its application in different shapes, styles and formats allows the Renaissance style to be matched with any design, from combinations with wood that bring warmth to the room, to combinations with striking marbles that give life to more exclusive and suggestive spaces.

A possibility in interior design that achieves unique and exclusive atmospheres through the application of decorative elements that come back from the past together with surfaces with avant-garde and innovative designs.

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