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Bathroom design for 2022

The bathroom trends for this 2022 are impregnated with the most modern and current style. This space in the house is becoming more and more important and we see this reflected in the use of each of the elements that form part of its design. Below, we review each of the fundamental points that will mark the identity of this room.

Bathrooms for 2022: an oasis of relaxation in the heart of our homes

One of the main changes we see in the decoration trends for 2022 is the concept of the "bathroom". This room is taking on a whole new dimension and is no longer just another area of the home, but a room in which to live and enjoy.

With the right design and decoration, this room becomes a refuge, that corner where we can disconnect and free ourselves from all the tensions accumulated throughout the day. The objective is more than clear: to create the perfect atmosphere that invites us to stay.

To do this, it is necessary to carry out research and planning. Only in this way can we adapt bathroom trends and ideas to the particularities of our home and, of course, to our lifestyle.

Materials, surfaces and other accessories play a very important role in creating this oasis of modern relaxation and must be taken into account.

Design of the space

If we think about it carefully, the bathroom is one of the parts of the house where we spend most of our time. Therefore, seeking maximum comfort in its design should be our priority. With a little imagination, we will be able to fill this space with beauty and style. These are some of the trends that we will be able to see in this regard:

- Simple lines. We see a clear predominance of straight lines. Simplicity is one of the characteristics that will help us to achieve the desired result. A result that is guided by the search for space, order and visual comfort.

- Wide spaces. To gain amplitude, we choose to eliminate barriers that do not contribute anything, such as the shower floor. Extending the floor to the wall is another way to achieve a feeling of greater space, for this XTONE offers different options in shower trays through the finished product line for bathrooms. XSC, XSF and XSU are the collections presented by the firm, which are capable of blending in perfectly with the flooring to create that feeling of unity, as well as presenting designs with high visual aesthetics.

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- Geometry. Geometry has great relevance in certain architectural and structural elements. We can see this, for example, in the use of round washbasins or square taps.

- Functionality. The exaggerated disappears and, instead, an efficient, practical and clean look is chosen. A clear example of this are the XB collections for bathroom furniture presented by XTONE; with a minimalist and functional design, they combine aesthetics and functionality, adapting to the needs of each bathroom room.

- Colours. The colour palettes are reduced, something in keeping with the simple, minimalist spirit we referred to earlier. Dark colours are back this season in interior design. Among them, the undisputed king is black, a clear reflection of this is XTONE's Marquina Black collection, which will serve to emphasise certain details. The different shades of green, such as those presented in the Onice Green collection, are perfect for breaking the monotony and give a very special touch of colour. Beige and white are two other colours which never go out of fashion and which work very well in the bathroom area, for which the firm presents collections such as Carrara White or Tivoli Beige.

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Bathroom materials

In terms of materials and surfaces for bathrooms this season, natural stone is the main choice. The mere presence of this element manages to turn any bathroom into a modern and up-to-date one.

In this sense, the large format slabs offered by XTONE, capable of reflecting the beauty of marble and natural materials, are perfect for making the design flow without visual breaks. Undoubtedly, one of the keys to the minimalist and functional trend. Moreover, it can be adapted to a multitude of surfaces: walls, floors, washbasins, bathtubs or shower trays. Thus, it is possible to achieve a homogeneous space with great visual harmony.

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This 2022, the bathroom walls are dressed in marble, a material which may seem classic, but which is reinvented thanks to its combination with other elements, such as with other materials which present a completely different design, especially in shades, such as the Emerald Green collection which brings that touch of colour to Tivoli Beige; or Astana Grey, a collection which contrasts perfectly with Carrara White, highlighting the beauty of white marble.

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Wood is also a must. The warmth and connection with nature that this material provides is unique. It is mainly used on floors and walls, although it is also starting to appear in furniture and worktops. Knowing how to successfully combine different types of materials is one of the most important points to obtain a space with a lot of class and personality.

For places where it is in contact with water, it is very interesting to have alternatives that provide resistance and design in equal parts. For example, XTONE's sintered compact successfully replicates the look of wood. The mixture with stainless steel offers a tremendously innovative and classy result, for which the firm has the Oxide Brown and Oxide Grey collections.

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In 2022, bathrooms are being transformed into modern spaces to provide us with maximum comfort and disconnection. With the right ideas and materials such as those we have detailed throughout this article, we can achieve the balance between functionality and aesthetics that the latest trends dictate.