An original table centerpiece

Inspired by the stories and experiences of those who create them, floral arrangements become a special and essential element to accompany the decoration of a table.

Her life; flowers, and her passion; her own floral company. Sally Hambleton takes us to those English gardens full of colors and textures with an original centerpiece.

An original table centerpiece


Crys Dyaz

An original table centerpiece


  • - Delphium

  • - Roses

  • - Ranunculus

  • - Daffodils

  • - Anthirrinum

  • - Scabiosa

  • - Wax flower

  • - Ammi Majus



Choosing different seasonal flowers and branches will always be a good choice.

Fill the vase with a large amount of water and check that there are no loose leaves that can decompose, as they can contaminate the water and the flowers.


Prune all flowers and bouquets with a fresh, diagonal cut before immersing them in water.

The diagonal cut increases the surface area for water absorption and prevents sealing to the bottom of the vase.


Create a weave of stems with the branches to make it easier to place the other flowers.

Distribute the flowers at different levels to achieve a more natural result. Turn the vase and touch up imperfections.


Make sure that the flowers with small stems reach the water level and cover the edge of the vase with the shorter flowers.

To finish, fill the vase to the top with water and constantly check the water levels.