A nod to traditional flavors

Traditional food, prepared from the heart, takes us to remember the bases of our 'made in Spain' gastronomy and all the good things it gives us.

Businessman, chef and good food enthusiast, Rafael Antonín makes us feel at home with a recipe that has become a Spanish icon able to take us back to our origins.

Spanish omelette   with Iberian ham


Rafael Antonín

Spanish omelette   with Iberian ham


  • - 3 potatoes

  • - 1 onion

  • - Extra virgin olive oil

  • - 5 eggs

  • - Salt

  • - Tartufata (optional)

  • - Iberian ham



Peel 3 medium potatoes and 1 onion.

Over low heat, put a little oil in a frying pan and cook the potatoes and onion.

Turn up the heat a little until it looks porous, and the potato looks colored.


Strain the mixture to remove excess oil and add in a large bowl the mixture, 3 eggs, 2 yolks, salt and tartufata as desired. Stir well.


Pour the mixture into a frying pan with a little oil. Cook over medium heat and wait for it to set (approx. 2 minutes and bubbles on the edges).


Spread a little oil on a plate and flip the omelette. Cook the other part of the omelette for 2/3 more minutes and remove.

Serve and put Iberian ham on top of the omelette, now you just have to enjoy.