The protocol of a dinner party

For an evening to be special, everything must fit together as if it were a symphony. The napkin marks the beginning of everything, the last bite the end of an unforgettable the end of an unforgettable encounter.

Knowing how to behave at the table is indispensable; Macarena Gea shows us what guidelines we should follow so that everything order, sense and flow accordingly.

The protocol of a dinner party


Macarena Gea

Rules of conduct
and etiquette


Place the cutlery according to what you are going to use from the outside in. To the right, place the knives with the blade facing inwards and the spoons on the outermost part of the plate. Forks should be placed to the left.


The dessert spoon with the handle to the right on top of the plate. Place the bread plate on the left side.


The hosts sit at the table first, then the guests. Place the napkins on the knees before starting the meal.


Do not start eating until everyone has served themselves and the hosts will be the first to do so.


Avoid resting elbows on the table. Do not touch your hair or face while at the table. When using glassware, always hold the glass by the stem.


Place the cutlery, with the handle facing to the right, on the plate when you have finished eating. Wait for the plates to be cleared and for the hosts to stand up to end the evening.