Photography of the plate

Photographing the plate, the new trend which craftsmanship, quality and beauty through a story. For this reason, the arrangement of the elements on the table is important; that is where the essence lies.

Entrepreneur, founder and CEO of CharHadas Creativa of CharHadas Creativa; Belén Martí tells us how to how to make sure that the photograph of the dish is perfect, meaningful and well-balanced.

Photography of the plate


Crys Dyaz

Tips for photography

  • - Background and framing

  • - Composition

  • - Contrast and balance

  • - Depth of field

  • - Lighting

  • - Shooting


The background and framing – A good option for the background is to choose one with a marble effect, which is also a trend. In this type of photography, using the sharply defined shot is a good option; it allows you to play with the distances and the focus.


Composition – Follow the Rule of 3/3. Divide the image into nine equal parts and place the main elements in the centre of the image to focus the main point of interest on them.


Contrasts and visual balance – Using different elements of colour, materials and textures, and distributing them in a natural way, helps to achieve an aesthetic, harmonious and fluid result. For this type of photography, fruit brings colour and texture to the image.


Depth of field – When it comes to gastronomic photography, focus comes into play, highlighting food and leaving other elements in the background out of focus helps to focus the eye on the point of interest.


Lighting – Having a good source of natural light brings a lot of warmth and organic reflections. For best results, it is advisable to place the plates near a window, always avoiding direct sunlight.


The shot – With no moving objects, increasing the ISO and shutter speed will avoid the use of flash. For Instagram, using the zenithal angle provides a greater range in gastronomic photography.