The art of dessing the table

Nowadays, the decoration of a table has become an art; all the elements that accompany it are part of an experience that remains in our memories for life.

Designer and artist

Designer, painter and tableware creator; Andrea Zarraluqui shares her best tips to decorate the table in detail and surprise your guests.


Crys Dyaz

Dressing of the table



Select the type of table linen. In this case, you can choose not to lay a tablecloth, which allows you to see the surface below the tableware.


Choose the dishes according to the style of the table. Make sure they blend in with the surface where they will be laid.


Mark the plates with an individual tablecloth. Choose natural fibers if you want to add warmth to the table design.


Accompany with a bread plate that matches the tableware.


Introducing the napkin made from a natural element in the table will always be a success.


Place glassware on the edge of the individual tablecloth. Choose transparent glasses to bring brightness to the table.


Place the cutlery on the sides of the individual tablecloth. In this case, using materials such as bamboo for this element is a good option.


Finish with a floral detail, it will add a touch of life and color to the table.