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and to finish, dessert

If there is one recipe that brings all the diners together diners, it is the dessert. Preparations that conquer the most demanding palates and are capable of taking the capable of elevating the day to another level.

Photographer, gastronomic stylist and cook; Laura Ponts prepares her favourite recipe to surprise surprise her guests. A small pleasure to stimulate all our senses.


The secret of
a good breakfast

Cristina Oria


The best

Crys Dyaz


The art of
dessing the table

Andrea Zarraluqui


of the plate

Belén Martí


What about the after-dinner conversation?

Lorena Salas


A nod to
traditional flavors

Rafael Antonín


An original
table centerpiece

Sally Hambleton


The protocol
of a dinner party

Macarena Gea


And to finish,

Laura Ponts