XTONE offers you a wide range of resources and tools to help you in your selection of large format boards, such as catalogues, cleaning and maintenance guides, technical documentation and 3D images of the different products. In addition, we provide the ACAE-PRESTO catalogue in various formats for use in architectural and engineering projects.


Download the XTONE catalogues, and discover the infinite possibilities of our large format slabs, both porcelain and natural stone, as well as our tables and bathroom equipment.

Digital catalog

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Digital catalog

Cleaning and maintenance

Achieving maximum durability of the product is one of the most important objectives and can only be achieved with good maintenance. For this reason, we offer you a simple tool that shows you how to clean and maintain XTONE porcelain and natural stone slabs. In addition, we offer you a series of downloadable guides so you can always have them at hand.

Stain cleaning



Cleaning product

Universal solvent / Toluene

Cleaning method

  1. Apply the cleaning product for 5 minutes.

  2. Rub with a white scouring pad (with a magic sponge for polished and silk finishes).

If the stain still does not disappear:

  1. Apply the cleaning product and leave it to act for a minimum of 5 more minutes (no more than 5 minutes for polished finishes).

  2. Rub with a white scourer (with a high density sponge - Scotch Brite 3M for polished and silk).

  3. Wipe with a damp cloth to remove the remains of the product.

  4. Dry with paper.

Technical documentation

3D images

The viewing and downloading of 3D images is available to customers who have access to our reserved area.

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3D images


To facilitate the work of professionals in the construction sector, XTONE offers the Acae-Presto catalogue for use in all types of architectural and engineering projects. It can be consulted according to your needs, in different formats:


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