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Large format sintered stone slabs

With an extensive format, variety of finishes and thicknesses, XTONE sintered stone surfaces adapt to any environment and application, achieving greater continuity and visual aesthetics. A generic product capable of capturing designs on pieces of high performance and excellent quality. Able to perfectly reflect tangible realities on surfaces that resemble marble, stone, wood, cement or metal.

XTONE presents its large format boards in different formats that adapt to all types of projects and applications of the material.

Generally, it is offered in its standard 150x300cm format. In addition, the 160x320 format is available for projects aimed at the kitchen sector.

Offering different options, XTONE presents different thicknesses depending on the application to which they are addressed.

The 6mm are intended for interior and exterior cladding or flooring; the 12mm and 20mm are used for the most demanding projects such as kitchen countertops, as well as for the realization of furniture.

After a pigment injection process on large format surfaces, XTONE achieves designs of high aesthetic and functional quality. Its different finishes bring realism and aesthetic value to the canvas.

Pieces that are characterised by their real and precise finishes, presenting surfaces that achieve vividness, spectacularity and sensations with the different finishes:

- Polished. A shiny, smooth finish that allows the surface to reflect whatever is put in front of it. As if it were a mirror.

- Nature. Completely matt finish with a natural effect. It is characterised by being soft to the touch.

- Silk. Matt finish with a soft layer that adds a faint touch of shine. Variant that arises from the fusion between polished and natural finishes.

- Texture. Rough textured and embossed finish, characterised by its anti-slip factor. It creates a rough, rough and irregular effect to the touch.

Due to its variety of formats and features that characterize it, XTONE is presented as the ideal material for indoor and outdoor use with endless applications, such as: flooring, cladding, countertops, facades, furniture, decorative elements, and even custom-made pieces.

In short, the large format surface allows the materialization of all kinds of ideas through a durable, elegant and functional material.

If you are interested in purchasing XTONE products, you can find them through professionals such as kitchen stores, marble workers, architects and interior designers. In addition, we have logistics centers nationwide for these professionals and their respective customers to live an exclusive experience in the acquisition of large format sintered stone slabs.

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