Product line aimed at the kitchen sector through natural stone. Thanks to the high performance and excellent quality of the large format slabs, it is the ideal choice for countertop application. Exclusive and unrepeatable pieces.


Surfaces characterised by their magnificent qualities, giving rise to an exclusive, long-lasting and functional product.


Thanks to the different aesthetic solutions offered by natural stone, surfaces are able to integrate every element into the space. Endless possibilities for the application of the natural product.

The large-format slabs allow the pattern between pieces to be extended, creating continuous spaces. Infinite aesthetic possibilities are made possible thanks to the exclusivity of natural stone.

Design continuity

Design continuity

Natural stone becomes an exclusive and unique option, allowing you to customise the product according to your needs. The sink blends in with its surroundings thanks to its adaptability, expanding the aesthetic possibilities with unequalled designs.

Sinks with ALTISSIMA

Sinks with ALTISSIMA

Innovative, functional and aesthetic concept. Natural stone adapts to any volume and gives way to new designs. A solution that allows the hobs to be integrated into the worktop, mimicking the elements on the same surface.

Stoves integration

Stoves integration


The different finishes that natural stone presents, allow us to choose between different edges for the surface.


Built-up Straight Chamfer

Built-up Pencil

Double Chamfered

Double Round Chamfer


Round Chamfered

Straight Shark Nose

Rounded Shark Nose