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We invite you to discover true masterpieces through a unique experience.

Library, XTONE and Altissima showrooms specialized in porcelainsurfaces and natural stone surfaces where we offer you a fully personalized and exclusive service to find your perfect slab in real time.

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What doeslibrary consist of?

Make an exclusive and personalized appointment

Schedule your reservation on the date and time that best suits your needs. We offer you a tour guided by our professionals, along with a series of advantages that will make your tour a path tailored to you.

Book your products selection

A wide range of porcelainsurfaces and natural stone surfaces are available in our Library warehouse. Thanks to the possibility of making a previous selection of your favorite products, we offer a more direct, comprehensive, and simple service.

This option allows our qualified professionals to prepare and present your product selection upon arrival so that you don't miss any details. Get to know the collections and select your favorite slabs before visiting us through ‘Library’

Access and enjoy the private room

Established as a private and exclusive area, the meeting room will be at your disposal and that of your customer/partner/professional for the review of your project, accessing different digital tools or the possibility of making combinations with our products and our color palettes.

Digital media at your disposal

Ease in the process of surface selection thanks to the multimedia tools provided by Library. ‘Slab finder’ will help you locate each of our products in the different areas. Different tools for audio-visual presentations or access to our stock in real time are some of our digital supports to boost your project.

Ask us for comprehensive advice

This guided tour becomes a comprehensive experience with the advice of our team of professionals. If your project so requires, we have an exclusive network of marble workers and professionals specialized in architecture and/or interior design.

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