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Check out the frequently asked questions and find answers to the main doubts about XTONE large format slabs.

As a result of continuous research into the specialisation of ceramic products, XTONE is Porcelanosa Grupo's specialist large-format slabs company.

The firm has an exclusive and carefully selected selection of raw materials, characterised by the most advanced technical features, avant-garde designs and excellent quality; offering a personalised service in the most demanding projects.

As for its composition, it is a porcelain tile capable of perfectly reflecting tangible realities on surfaces that resemble marble, stone, wood, cement or metal.

With an extensive format, variety of finishes and thicknesses, the surfaces adapt to any environment and application, achieving greater continuity and visual aesthetics. A product capable of capturing designs on pieces of high performance and excellent quality, it is resistant to scratching or extreme temperatures, it is characterised by its low porosity and for being a hygienic and easy to clean product.

XTONE presents its sintered stone slabs in large format 160x320cm, allowing the material to adapt to any volume and/or surface and offering a wide range of applications for all types of projects, especially for the kitchen area.

XTONE offers different options and different thicknesses depending on the application for which they are intended.

Thus, we find the 6 mm for interior and exterior cladding and flooring; the 12 mm and 20 mm are used for the most demanding projects such as kitchen worktops as well as for the manufacture of furniture.

After a pigment injection process on large format surfaces, XTONE achieves designs of high aesthetic and functional quality. Its different finishes bring realism and aesthetic value to the canvas.

Pieces that are characterised by their real and precise finishes, presenting surfaces that achieve vividness, spectacularity and sensations with the different finishes:

- Polished. A shiny, smooth finish that allows the surface to reflect whatever is put in front of it. As if it were a mirror.

- Nature. Completely matt finish with a natural effect. It is characterised by being soft to the touch.

- Silk. Matt finish with a soft layer that adds a faint touch of shine. Variant that arises from the fusion between polished and natural finishes.

- Texture. Rough textured and embossed finish, characterised by its anti-slip factor. It creates a rough, rough and irregular effect to the touch.

Due to its large format and the features that characterise it, XTONE is presented as the ideal material for both indoors and outdoors with an endless number of applications.

Among its different applications we find: flooring, cladding, countertops, facades, furniture, decorative elements, and even custom-made pieces. In short, the large format surface allows all kinds of ideas to be materialised through a durable, elegant and functional material.

Positioning itself as a successful company in large format surfaces, XTONE specialises in the kitchen sector, transforming large format slabs into kitchen worktops and islands. This specialisation is combined with the high performance of the material for this type of project.

Therefore, an aesthetic and functional product has been developed. Mainly, in the case of worktops, it is typified by a product resistant to hot and cold food products.

Characterised by its resistance to abrasion, impact and scratching, the pieces have a good behaviour in daily use and when placing elements on the surface.

It is also characterised by its low porosity, which prevents the accumulation of odours and liquids. In addition, it is perfect for worktops as it allows direct contact with foodstuffs on the surface.

If you want to know the collections for worktops you can see and download our kitchen catalogue.

XTONE is a product that presents a series of advantages, making it an aesthetic, functional and quality option. Here we explain the advantages of this material.

- Hygienic and antibacterial
The surfaces are ideal for direct contact with foodstuffs thanks to their zero emission of volatile organic compounds.

- Waterproof
It prevents the absorption of liquids and the accumulation of odours thanks to the low porosity of the material.

- Easy to clean
Easy cleaning and daily maintenance, no special products are needed.

- Resistant to extreme temperatures, frost and fire
The materials that make up the pieces are characterised by tolerating low and high temperatures, without altering their aesthetics or performance.

- Scratch and impact resistant
It tolerates the energy of impacts and cutting tools when they hit the surface.

- Chemical and stain resistance
Unaffected by household chemicals or stains of any kind.

- UV resistant
Resistant to ultraviolet rays, so the surface is not affected by strong light.

- Abrasion resistant
Thanks to its high durability and good performance it tolerates wear and tear and scratches from daily use.

- 100% natural and recyclable
Capable of being completely regenerated after their life cycle, the surfaces are characterised by their durability through reusable materials.

If you are interested in purchasing XTONE products, you can find them in our Library logistics centres and through our official distributors. You can also visit your nearest Porcelanosa shop to obtain information about our products.

If you have any doubts about who can supply you with XTONE, you can contact us at

To see all the XTONE collections you can visit our main showroom located in Vila-real (Castellón), where we also have our corporate offices and logistics centre.

In our Showroom you will be able to see all the collections of the firm, as well as the latest novelties. You will also have the chance to see examples of different applications with the material.

If you would like to make an appointment to visit us, you can contact us at

You can also visit our Library centres to see the available stock of large format slabs in porcelain and natural stone.

You can consult your nearest sales and exhibition point by clicking on the following link:

For a good maintenance and care of the XTONE parts it is recommended to clean the surface with a washing solution. For this purpose, a bioalcohol or neutral cleaner should be used in the dosage recommended by the manufacturer.

Butech, a Porcelanosa Group company, has a series of cleaners available for worktops, to check availability visit For the application of the product it is advisable to use a dry cloth without waxy additives.

Exceptionally, for XTONE polished finishes it is advisable to use a slightly damp cloth to clean the surface.

Occasionally, the surface may be affected by certain substances and the residues they may spill, such as coffee or paints.

If we come across this situation, we can resort to usual cleaning products for removal or more specific cleaning procedures, depending on the nature of the stain.

On our website you have all the information you need to know how to remove specific stains. If you need to consult this section you can do it through

Yes, XTONE offers a 10-year guarantee for all slabs intended for countertops with a thickness of 12mm.

To obtain it, it is necessary to request it from the website . Once the form is filled in, the guarantee will be activated and you will receive a maintenance guide to get the most out of your worktop and to easily solve any type of incident.

With this guarantee, XTONE ensures that the hobs are free from manufacturing defects under normal conditions of use and service. In case of any kind of defect, it will be repaired or replaced.

With regard to the conditions of the warranty, it should be noted that:

- It does not cover failures due to incorrect transformation, installation or misuse of parts.

- It covers only the cost of materials.

- Replacement of defective materials is subject to stock on hand at the time of claim and is not guaranteed to match those originally supplied.

- Warranty only applies when the materials supplied have been fully paid for.


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