Contract projects entail greater demands in terms of material selection, since they must be attractive as well as resistant. XTONE surfaces become the ideal option for this type of project thanks to the excellent and high performance they present.

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High-performance surfaces that combine the most exclusive designs with a wide range of applications, resulting in fully integrated environments.


Thanks to its wide range of finishes and designs, XTONE surfaces adapt to any type of project, from hotels to restaurants, through commercial or wellness spaces.









Surfaces for commercial and public spaces

Large format porcelain and natural stone slabs are ideal for use in commercial and public spaces due to their high hardness, which allows them to retain their original state for a longer period of time. These slabs are able to meet the most demanding requirements in terms of thermal, chemical and water resistance. In addition, their lack of porosity results in a hygienic and easy to clean surface.

Due to its variety of formats, advantages and characteristics that XTONE presents, it becomes the ideal option for application in the most demanding contract projects: restaurants, hotels, commercial and wellness spaces, as well as airports.

Among its different applications we find: flooring, cladding, countertops, facades, furniture, decorative elements, and even custom pieces. In short, the large-format surface allows all kinds of ideas to materialize through a durable, elegant and functional material.

XTONE is a product that presents a series of advantages, making it an aesthetic, functional and quality option. Here we explain the advantages of this material.

- Hygienic and antibacterial
The surfaces are ideal for direct contact with foodstuffs thanks to their zero emission of volatile organic compounds.

- Waterproof
It prevents the absorption of liquids and the accumulation of odours thanks to the low porosity of the material.

- Easy to clean
Easy cleaning and daily maintenance, no special products are needed.

- Resistant to extreme temperatures, frost and fire
The materials that make up the pieces are characterised by tolerating low and high temperatures, without altering their aesthetics or performance.

- Scratch and impact resistant
It tolerates the energy of impacts and cutting tools when they hit the surface.

- Chemical and stain resistance
Unaffected by household chemicals or stains of any kind.

- UV resistant
Resistant to ultraviolet rays, so the surface is not affected by strong light.

- Abrasion resistant
Thanks to its high durability and good performance it tolerates wear and tear and scratches from daily use.

- 100% natural and recyclable
Capable of being completely regenerated after their life cycle, the surfaces are characterised by their durability through reusable materials.

The versatility offered by porcelain surfaces and the complete solution that they represent, due to the possibilities of cutting and designing as they present, as well as the excellent features that characterize them, the material can be used in this type of application as cladding, flooring, facades or finished product such as sinks and/or tables.

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