XTONExperience is back

XTONExperience fascinates new professionals in its second season of events.

November has been the month chosen to continue with the expansion of XTONE through a new tour of events along different destinations, first in Zaragoza on the 7th, then Bilbao on the 14th and a final act at PORCELANOSA showroom in Nantes (France) last Thursday 21st November. On his return, new creative paths have been explored and the pillars of every experience offered at every meeting have been strengthened. XTONExperience has returned with a renewed image, fresh air and with the purpose of impressing more and more attendees and transmitting them, in a very special way, the XTONE concept.

Gathering around 300 attendees in each of these locations, architects, interior designers and design studios did not miss the opportunity to attend these interesting meetings and to discover the functionality, design and adaptability of the XTONE project.

The versatility of this surface once again became the main focus of this new series of events through the different demonstrations performed. The brand relied again on the architect Moisés Royo to lead the presentation and introduction of the material into the architectural field. “We are dealing with a new material that helps the designer creator in his task of designing; not only due to its technical benefits, but also for its ability to create architecture”, announced the professor of the School of Architecture at the Polytechnic University of Madrid at the beginning of his speeches.

You could not miss the space dedicated to the already famous Cooking Talks, live showcooking by the hand of popular foodies, and the performance of a technical demonstration where attendees could observe how to handle and install bespoke XTONE slabs.

Cooking Talks

On this occasion, the foodies responsible for testing XTONE countertops were Olga Vila in Zaragoza; Carolina Ferrer in Bilbao; and the well-known gastroblogger Sylvain Vernay in Nantes.

The different culinary professionals prepared a selection of live recipes, where the participants could take part of the matter qualities. Properties such as scratch and high temperature resistance, impermeability or easy cleaning of these countertops made by XTONE have been easy to identify in these Cooking Talks sections.

Technical demonstrations

Another attraction of this XTONExperience tour has been the demonstrations of live installation, with the collaboration of local fabricators that are supporting Porcelanosa in those regions. One way to show that the role that XTONE plays in architecture and interior design goes beyond the purely aesthetic.

The XTONE surface, exhibited in its 150x300cm base format, served as a starting point to cover the different spaces: a bright bathroom environment in Zaragoza and Bilbao, and an elegant hall where the most current premium marbles were exhibited, in Nantes.

As a result, the placement of different modular purposes allowed the attendees to have a real and technical knowledge of the material, capable of shaping all types of projects and adapting into any surface or volume.

Cindugranit (Zaragoza), Mármoles Zamar (Bilbao), Marbrerie Pérocheau, Pythagore and Techni Marbre (Nantes) were responsible for fabrication and installation of the different materials used in each of these events.

Atmosphere, catering, music and decoration; So Lovely and the interior design studio Villajuana Benicassim were again responsible to draw the staging of these evenings, resulting in a unique memory for all the guests.

After these last destinations, the XTONE tour is over until next year when promises to return with new proposals.