30th International Exhibition: A jolt to the senses

XTONE presents its new acclaimed designs through the combination with the new technologies of Planta 4 in a conceptual and organic space designed to seduce the senses.

With a new, more experiential, organic and innovative space, in this edition the XTONE showroom showcases the latest jewel presented at the fair in Italy, Bianco Lasa. The collection breaks with the traditional design of the hall, serving at the same time as a guiding thread to get to know the firm's novelties for 2024.

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Thus, the hall, as a starting point, envelops the visitor and takes him or her into a world of sensorial experiences through a play of lights, sounds, images and textures. Each of the rooms is conceived and designed to create unique experiences through the porcelain surfaces, which are capable of achieving material textures allowing the user to get as close as possible to noble and natural materials.

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Among the novelties, the Tadelakt collection. Inspired by the waterproof lime coating technique of Marrakech and designed in two colours, it takes the concept of this technique to a new dimension through Eclipse technology, which brings depth to the design.

The redesigned Calacatta Viola is another of the novelties that will be present in the XTONE showroom. A classic marble reinvented in a new version with a perfected appearance that imitates the veins of this well-known marble as closely as possible.

The new Pietra Grey, inspired by the beauty of natural stone, this marble shows off its full presence with an elegant and uniform tone on which fine and subtle white veins are spread.

As a design that breaks with the aesthetics of marble and stone, while exalting the imitative qualities of porcelain: ELE. The most faithful representation of chestnut wood perfected with Eclipse technology, giving the surface those characteristic grooves of wood, turning it into a perfect image of more advanced characteristics.

In addition to this set of sensations, there will be showcooking sessions that will make the visit a spectacle for the senses.

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Once again, this year, XTONE has opted for a conceptual showroom, far from the lifestyle, to show the public the great versatility of large format porcelain tiles. A world without limits where imagination is the main tool for each project.