XTONE, official sponsor of the Madrid edition of Architects not Architecture

Last Thursday, April 27, Architects not Architecture took place for the first time in Spain, one of the most recognized events in the world of architecture. The location chosen for this event was the Fundación Giner de los Ríos, a spectacular building restored in 2014 by the architects Cristina Díaz Moreno and Efrén García Grinda, from the amid.cero9 studio, also present at the event.

On such a special occasion for the world of architecture in Spain, XTONE wanted to be present supporting the event and giving visibility to the sector in the country.

The evening began with a cocktail followed by introductions by the sponsors. The architect Emilio Sánchez Horneros, in charge of giving XTONE a voice, recounted how the three speakers, with whom he has a relationship, had inspired him and how they had influenced him throughout his professional career.

At this event, and as a particular aspect of AnA, speakers are not allowed to talk about their architectural projects, but rather are encouraged to convey their personal experiences as architects and talk about what brought them to the world of architecture. In this edition, the talks were given by two renowned architects in Spain, Fuensanta Nieto and Emilio Turón, who were accompanied by a third guest speaker, the renowned Portuguese architect Eduardo Soto de Moura.

- Tim Dornaus Photography -

Fuensanta Nieto, co-founder of the international studio Nieto Sobejano, opened this conference by telling how her trips and meetings with artists during her youth built the great architect she is today and aroused her great interest in cultural integration in her projects.

For his part, Emilio Tuñón, National Architecture Award 2022, talked about CIRCO, a magazine that he published for almost 20 years along with Luis Moreno Mansilla and Luis Rojo, and which was the key during the most intense stage of his career. He also mentioned the architects and thinkers who were great references for him and whose concepts, thoughts and links enriched him professionally.

Finally, the Portuguese guest Eduardo Souto de Moura, 2011 Pritzker Prize winner, moved the public through anecdotes, personal confessions and the references that marked his career. He highlighted his fascination for the contradictions of personalities in the world of architecture and his great interest in adapting great existing solutions to new projects. The architect made the public enjoy himself with his characteristic good sense of humor.

Once the talks had finished and having fascinated the public with these enriching experiences, the round table began with some questions and answers. The attendees, mostly professionals from the architecture sector, actively participated, sharing knowledge and professional experiences. To end the evening, there was networking among the attendees in a relaxed manner.

- Tim Dornaus Photography -

In summary, more than 200 architects and designers attended this evening, many of them well-known personalities from the sector, such as Alberto Campo Baeza, Belén Moneo or the founders of Ensamble Estudio.

It can therefore be stated that this first edition of Architects not Architecture in Spain has definitely been a resounding success which should be taken as a precedent for future editions in the country. And, of course, on those occasions, XTONE will continue to support the world of architecture and, above all, extol the great figure of the architect as a great precursor, creator and author of each wonderful project of which it is a part.