A chameleonic XTONE at Marbella Design & Art

Marbella Design & Art opens its doors once more to host over 150 firms in more than 50 spaces, covering 3,000 square meters, which can be visited from November 2nd to November 12th at the Palacio de Ferias, Exposiciones, and Congresos Adolfo Suárez in Marbella. A journey through the most innovative proposals in interior design and décor, where XTONE, as expected, is part of two completely groundbreaking concepts never seen before.

With the collaboration of Welcome Design and Escenium, XTONE transforms its newest and most revolutionary designs to impeccably integrate them into both spaces' concepts.

Amalgam of colours, textures and materials.

Welcome Design returns to Marbella Design this year with a completely innovative proposal. Based on the traditional English countryside hunting clubs, creative director Mar Vera, along with La Ebanistería and Iremía Services, presents Iremía Club, a deconstruction of the concept in its most futuristic and transgressive version. The dominant colours in the space are hunting green, red and orange, paying homage to English hunting clubs; laminated elements with material juxtaposition extend to the ceiling, fascinating visitors with their gradient graphics. Materials such as glass and sintered stone from XTONE make their way through Iremía Club, becoming part of this chromatic celebration.

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The space's flooring turns into a huge patchwork of sintered stone, composed of XTONE's newest designs. Calatorao, Tura, and Emerald Green, with their cutting-edge finishes, spread across the space in various forms and sizes, creating a dynamic sensation. The texture of Tura's fossils, the relief of Calatorao's veins, and the polished shine of Emerald Green turn the walk through the space into a sensory experience.

As the centrepiece, a bar made of Alpinus White stands at the entrance, supported on one side by astonishing glass cylinders, creating an anachronistic effect between the futuristic appearance of the glass and the ancestral evocation of Alpinus White.

This extraordinary dance of colour and texture has led Welcome Design to win the award for Best Light and Colour Treatment. A more than deserved award for this unique space.

A breath of fresh air through design.

On the other hand, Escenium, winners of the 2022 People's Choice award for best space, returns with a fresh, abstract, and highly creative proposal. Following the representation of elements from nature and based on the concept of the kitchen, they have created Brisa, a representation of air in neutral and blue tones that faithfully portrays it through a space filled with movement and dynamism.

After Tsunami representing water and Eclipse of Fire, Brisa extends across the Escenium space as a conceptual vision of the air, shaping it through 3D elements, sintered stone, textured paintings, and meticulously developed lighting to give depth to the space. A combination of elements evoking the fresh morning air, sea breeze, and wind movement.

With a floor of sintered stone in XTONE Ars Beige, the space is divided between the kitchen and the break area, with an auxiliary table in XTONE Blue Roma that seamlessly integrates into the context.

As the centrepiece, starting with a circular cabinet also in Blue Roma, an impressive 3D wave in shades of blue, designed by Nagami, extends around the space, enveloping it and achieving the effect of an overwhelming breeze, endowing it with boundless motion and freshness. An allegory of the wind, represented in the most vivid and faithful manner ever seen in a space.

These two extraordinary proposals affirm the statement that any idea that can be conceived can be created, even the most abstract dreams and concepts. With a multitude of versatile and chameleonic materials that adapt to any context to make tangible everything that is imagined. This is where XTONE, through its sintered stone, has played a part in bringing to life the most ambitious desires of Welcome Design and Escenium.