INTO: The New Revolution in Kitchen Concept

XTONE introduces INTO: a new kitchen concept that redefines space and creates a fresh experience within the home.

We live in a time where the pace of life is hectic, where time and space become precious commodities, and we need to make the most of them with the help of daily solutions that simplify our lives a bit and remind us that, amidst all the chaos, there's still room to breathe, observe, smell, listen, feel. A place to express, create, and delight in the most essential: the kitchen. A space that throughout history has undergone significant changes at the same unstoppable pace as life itself, adapting parallelly to its needs. Thus, arises the need to create a space that is spacious and practical at the same time, allowing for infinite organization and meeting the requirements of a wide variety of homes and lifestyles. This is how INTO was born.

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Based on the idea of the kitchen conceived as a fundamental, essential space; as the heart of the home, comes INTO, a hidden dual induction system that unifies the space and provides breadth to the kitchen. Placed under the countertop, the INTO induction hob turns it into a smooth surface without visual obstacles, thereby expanding the workspace, allowing for greater comfort and kitchen distribution. INTO combines design with the most advanced technology by being a cable and battery-free system. Through electromagnetic energy, the burners only activate with utensils developed exclusively for this functionality, minimizing the risk of accidents and injuries. It also features a zone for electrifying small appliances specifically designed for this technology and mobile devices.

XTONE's new hidden induction arrives as a new concept, as a technological revolution, while also addressing the urgent need for space utilization, an increasingly prevalent issue in today's homes. With INTO, XTONE solidifies its presence in the world of kitchen, showcasing the great adaptability of its surfaces and the enormous transformative capacity even at a technological level.