XTONE, the sintered stone that revolutionizes the 40th edition of CERSAIE.

By emphasizing the new designs within rooms with unique personalities, the firm presents a highly functional and aesthetic proposal that invites visitors to appreciate the versatility of large format materials for any type of space, application, and architectural need.

With a 200m2 booth, XTONE breaks away from the traditional lifestyle concept, creating a more conceptual and architectural design that places greater emphasis on the raw material. A wide-open concept and a series of uninterrupted slabs with the new collections make up the booth's structure.

Distributed in reception, coffee shop, and meeting rooms, flawlessly showcases the new technologies and designs developed in the world's most automated production plant, Plant 4. The space highlights the most astonishing features and characteristics of the new collections, placing a focus on textures and material-based designs.

The power of the material, of the natural.

XTONE's proposal for this edition revolves around collections that celebrate the origin of the product, the material, the organic. An array of textures and visual finishes that connect in a sensorial way with visitors across the three spaces, conveying the essence of the material.

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A carefully curated palette of materials designed to complement each other: marble, stone, wood, and metal taken to their fullest expression through distinguished and astonishing designs that invite observers to look, touch, and feel the product.

Some of these unique new collections include: Tura, a digitally scanned fossil collection with a textured finish that invites exploration of the surface through its remnants; Calatorao, a fine and elegant design that showcases the purest essence of marble; Doré in a textured finish, a majestic display of golden luxury that recalls the most valuable relics. And finally, Alpinus White in texture, XTONE's sensation in the 29th Edition, will be present in an even more surprising version, with a new finish that reveals shiny particles in selected areas of the design.

This occasion will also be a showcase of the astonishing capabilities of the new production plant. Through the collections on display, visitors can see the new finishes on surfaces thanks to different innovative decoration technologies: Eclipse (perspective relief effect) allowing for concave and convex reliefs on the surface; Comet (glowing effect), which applies shiny particles to certain areas of the design, and Lumen (selective shine effect) highlighting areas of the product through polishing.

In conclusion, a proposal that suggests creating a wow effect for visitors by involving them in the space through interaction with the surfaces, transporting them to the origin with groundbreaking designs and finishes that engage the senses. A revolution in large-format sintered stone.