Villa Calma: A Mediterranean Chronicle of Wellbeing and Happiness

We all have that place of pause, sacred and untouchable, where we go when the world seems to fall apart, our Safe Place. A temple of calm and tranquillity where we can escape from the mountains of work, the rush and a frenetic, hectic routine. For Kristine, the Nordic protagonist of this space, that safe place is by the Mediterranean Sea.

A salty breeze with touches of citrus and hints of orange blossom fuses with the woody aromas of the Scandinavian forests to create an oasis of well-being: Villa Calma.

Divided into an indoor and garden area, the space designed by Studio MO seamlessly combines the most significant features of the Mediterranean coastline and Danish culture, highlighting the natural beauty of both landscapes amidst flowers, citrus fruits, wood and natural stone.

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The entrance to the space is a clear representation of the importance for the interior designers of the concept of biophilia in interiors, combining different materials, finishes and textures, where a large Selvaggio Green natural stone counter by Altissima welcomes all lovers of design, architecture and interior design.

In line with this, a palette of colours and different XTONE porcelain tiles: Alpinus White, Neda and Ars Beige, guide guests into Kristine's living room, a space where the luxury of the envelope merges with the simplicity and freshness of Danish furnishings.

The real protagonist is the Rosso Magno natural stone, a piece located on the front wall of the living room that highlights the essence of the material's luxury and majesty. At the same time, the room is enveloped by a careful selection of porcelain tiles, Ars Beige and Taj Mahal; a dreamy combination that accompanies the walls of the space. Underneath the elements of the space, a pavement characterised by a unique design, in which different porcelain materials are combined: Ele, Ars Beige and Taj Mahal.

STUDIO MO's space for JYSK invites guests to give free rein to their emotions and let themselves be carried away on a journey full of sensations, aromas and small details that envelop them in a little piece of paradise. The combination of furniture with Nordic lines, fibre details and neutral and warm textiles contributes to create a serene and relaxed atmosphere. A work designed to detail and made to measure, which enhances the care for the small details that characterises this wonderful project developed by STUDIO MO: a tribute to mother nature near the sea.