Templo Shamash: El Alba. Ode to a majestic civilisation

On April 11th, a new edition of Casa Decor opened its doors to delight us with the most avant-garde designs and the latest trends in the Architecture and Interior Design sector. Until 26 May, it will guide hundreds of visitors through the rooms of the emblematic Palacio de la Trinidad, a fascinating enclave converted into the most ambitious dreams of some of the country's most prestigious studios and interior designers.

Miguel Muñoz, winner of the Best Project in the 2023 edition for his design for the GEBERIT space, repeats once again with the brand to pay tribute to a solemn civilisation: Mesopotamia.

An ode to the origin of arches, ziggurats and writing. Miguel Muñoz's space for GEBERIT in this new edition of Casa Decor, takes us back to the history of Mesopotamian civilisation through elements that have their origins in these peoples and which have become, throughout history, everyday elements in the world of Architecture. Templo Shamash: El Alba divides the space through imposing arches that reserve the bathing area, where a large rising sun of Montreal White porcelain tile extends over the Moon White flooring, both by XTONE, merging with each of the arches that rise up to dominate the space.

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As a centrepiece, a vanity unit with double basin and Pangea natural stone backsplash by Altissima, whose wild and dramatic design brings character and personality to the piece, focusing the visitor's attention and contrasting with the neutral body of the piece. Its arid tones and crystalline presence transport the observer to the centre of Babylon, to the interior of one of its grandiose temples.

Reaffirming this majesty, an ART mural depicts a scene of Babylon's exuberant nature. Elephants, palm trees and ruins of ancient temples enshrine one wall of the space.

Under the elements of the space, a floor designed in detail, combines the naturalness of the beige tones of Montreal White with the light of the Moon White porcelain, on which the shadow of the arches is drawn in a very fine line of Liem Dark by XTONE, simulating the light of dawn through them.

Throughout the tour of Templo Shamash: El Alba, the visitor becomes aware of every feature, particularity and attribute that concur in the Mesopotamian civilisation. Each of the elements of the space possesses the essence of that civilisation that marked a before and after in the history of mankind. A grandiose tribute, meticulously designed to bring every vestige of Mesopotamia into the present. A marvellous project that fuses avant-garde design with the purest architectural tradition.