Timeless decoration with XTONE

The world is moving faster and faster, especially when it comes to trends, which makes us enter into a spiral of constant change and transformation. In this sense, timeless decoration is a trend that is on the rise and allows us to create aesthetic and functional spaces that also have the ability to withstand the passage of time with total normality.

Authenticity, the key to a timeless home.

When we talk about timeless decoration, one of the keys is authenticity. In this sense, and when it comes to decorating a home, one of the smartest options is to be true to ourselves and our own concept.

Many of the decorative styles we know have a very well-defined base. That is to say, they are configured on the basis of very specific colours, furniture, textures and materials. This is very convenient and practical for us, as we have a complete guide that we can follow to get just the result we want.

However, timeless decoration is quite the opposite: it challenges the latter idea. Being critical of trends, finding one's own essence and not allowing oneself to be pigeonholed into a specific era are the precepts that will have to govern our work in the search for timelessness.

XTONE has some interesting tips below to help you achieve a timeless home decoration.

Natural materials or materials that imitate the natural look are the best option to dress our house. Clay, stone or wood, as well as organic fibres, are components that have been present throughout history. Therefore, they are a great guarantee of timelessness.

Does this mean that we should discard the latest and most topical subjects? Not at all. The best example of this is XTONE, a brand that offers us the latest generation in terms of quality materials, but adapted to decorative needs.

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Thus, there are very interesting proposals that perfectly imitate wood or stone. In this way, we achieve the advantages and benefits of sintered surfaces, as well as the natural and organic appearance we are looking for.


Taking the Balkan chestnut trees as a reference, the Ewood Collection offers three options full of warmth and comfort. The noblest of materials is reinterpreted thanks to the most innovative technology offered by XTONE with possibilities that seemed unthinkable:

• Camel. Light tones like this one are a safe bet, as they provide brightness and spaciousness to the room.

• Honey. As for the medium browns, Honey stands out for its wonderful honey-toned veining. It has a touch more sophistication and seriousness than the previous option.

• Wengue. As its name suggests, it has the colour of the wood of tropical trees. It is a bet full of character and seriousness with which to enhance specific points of the rooms.


The exclusive selection of raw materials presented by Porcelanosa Group includes, of course, stone-inspired materials such as these:

• Tivoli Beige. It recovers the classic travertine marble and brings it into the 21st century. Undoubtedly, a piece full of nuances and warmth.

• Liem Collection. Sophistication and sobriety through its three shades -Grey, Dark, Black-. In all of them, the luminous veins create a subtle effect that adds value to any decor.

• Glem White. White and grey fill this marbled surface with nuances, which adds freshness to the surroundings.

• Carrara White. The starting point, on this occasion, is the famous Carrara marble and its great delicacy and exquisiteness.


Neutral colours have the great advantage of blending into the space. Therefore, they will be our great allies in designing long-lasting atmospheres, which can be adjusted without major changes.

Once again, nature will give us a clue as to which shades to choose. Earth tones, whites, tans, sand, and, in short, anything that is present in the natural environment, will be a good option. There is no doubt that nature is the master at creating beauty. Some of our favourites are the following:

• Montreal White. An organic and artisan aesthetic is what Montreal White exudes. Despite its name, it is the beige shades that predominate in this material.

• Aged Clay. It is directly inspired by basalt stone. The cream tone is intertwined with an interesting texture that is very natural and reminiscent of sedimentary formations.

• Bottega Collection. As far as neutral tones are concerned, we cannot forget the greys either, as they adapt to all kinds of spaces. In Bottega Collection we have a great sample composed by the Caliza and Acero models. The former surprises us with its beige tone, while the latter has the appearance of cement.

Intelligent use of trends.

One of the main mistakes people make is copying trends. Fashions and novelties in interior design should be taken, rather, as a point of reference and inspiration for our home. We must be clear that it is the trends that must adapt to us and not the other way around. Therefore, it is necessary to know what our lifestyle, our tastes and our decorative concept are before we start making changes just because "it's what's in" or "it's fashionable".

Here are some tips that will help us to look for authenticity and avoid trends:

• It is necessary to mix with sense, instead of wanting everything to combine with each other. The ideal is to choose elements that add to the whole and transmit something to us. We should not worry so much about the style, colour or shape of the piece in question.

• Defining a focal point in each room can be useful to articulate the rest of the decoration. It can be an element, a piece of furniture or a whole wall.

• Quality must be a constant. If we want the style of our house to last, it is essential that the materials and the rest of the pieces have the capacity to survive the passage of time. Of course, this aspect will also contribute to a better final result.

• Personalising elements is a good way to exploit timelessness in our spaces. Tailor-made items make a difference in terms of interior design and give an extra touch of exclusivity.

As we have seen, there is no exact formula for achieving timeless decoration. However, there are constants that will guide us on our way. Authenticity, naturalness, neutral colours and being critical of trends are great starting points to create our own timeless concept.