Summer trends

When summer comes, people’s routines are filled with energy, light and color. With it, our homes ask to be imbued of those more summery trends that manage to move us to the calm and freshness so typical of the sea.

In order to do this, we need to be surrounded by those floor and wall tiles which, with their great personality, allow us to adapt the style of our home to each moment.

XTONE has prepared the selection of its most combinable materials with the decorative trends of this summer.

Mediterranean Style
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The Glem White collection in each of its finishes, Polished and Nature, is the perfect ally of the Mediterranean style. A breeze of fresh air and a touch of brightness combined with the most timeless summer trend is, without doubt, the perfect way to feel the relax and calm of summer at every moment inside your home.

The Warm Sunbeam
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The sensation of that warm sunbeam that crosses your kitchen is achieved with the limestone color of the Bottega collection. Its great similarity to the nature of the sands makes it a perfect material for both indoor and outdoor, allowing us to enjoy the spirit of summer as if on the beach.

Blue Ocean
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The dynamism of the sea currents is provided by the intricate and marked veins of the Nuba White. A breath of freshness and clarity to remind you of the most refreshing part of summer.