Summer Inspiration

Summer is a season full of light, energy and vitality - wouldn't it be great if our home reflected these values? In every season, we transform ourselves and give way to a new version of ourselves and that is precisely what happens in the space we live in. Beyond this, however, summer trends are a way of adapting the home to the real demands we have and providing ideas for cooler, more relaxing environments.

As temperatures rise, paying attention to the materials, textures and elements that make up the décor is also a necessity. What are the latest interior design trends, and what kind of trends does the summer season dictate?

Curves and spaces with history

The trend towards the natural, the ecological and the sustainable has its maximum exponent in curved shapes. Organic takes precedence over artificial in every sense of the word. Right angles and edges give way to sinuous, rounded pieces that are characterised by comfort and sophistication.

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Curvy furniture provides ergonomics and is a real eye-catcher in any room. In addition, they improve circulation and make environments more approachable and suitable for everyday life. Minimalism as we know it is being diluted to make way for a new form of simplicity: natural minimalism.

Colours with personality

Whites, neutrals and terracottas are indispensable to recreate this atmosphere of natural minimalism full of peace, tranquillity and freshness. However, they are not the only tones that will keep us company during the summer, as the 70s bring us some very interesting pops of colour.

- Olive green: green, in general, has become one of the star colours of the year. It has surprised us with its wide range of shades, perfect for any corner of the home. However, if we have to rescue a single variety for the summer, we have to stay with this colour that confers character, elegance and is not invasive.

- Orchid pink: Orchid pink could be defined as a very saturated magenta. Without a doubt, this shade is intense and brings a lot of energy, which is perfect for the summer season. Due to its intensity, it is best to use it on specific elements where we want to attract attention.

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- Butter yellow: If there is a colour associated with summer, that is yellow. On this occasion, we have it in the "butter" variety, which can present more or less saturation. In any case, it provides great warmth and versatility in decoration.

- Atlantic blue: The memory of the sea should not be missing when we talk about summer-inspired colours and, for this, we have the Atlantic blue. It is one of the most classic proposals, but it is timeless.

- Mango Orange: Halfway between orange and yellow, mango is one of the most energising colours of the season. Optimism, joy and vitality flourish in rooms with the help of this vibrant shade.

Organic materials

Organic and sustainable materials will be another summer trend. The aim is to create a connection with nature through our homes. In this context, 'biophilia' is born, a trend that is based on the benefits and positive aspects that it has for people to come into contact with the natural environment.

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The preferred materials for adapting homes to this philosophy of life are stone, wood and natural fibres, which will be present in objects and furniture as well as in architectural elements and finishes. In this sense, XTONE surfaces help us by providing versatility, variety and a perfect adaptation to each room.

Ewood Honey

XTONE's Ewood collection is an ode to the natural beauty of wood. To this end, it takes inspiration from the chestnut trees of the Balkans and their exquisite grain. The Honey model, in particular, has a medium tone, ideal for integrating into modern spaces and giving them warmth and style.

With the large format planks that the brand handles, we can think of integrating this material into walls, both indoors and outdoors due to its high resistance.

Viola Rossé

As we mentioned before, stone is another of the preferred materials for decorating in the biophilia trend. We can't think of a better way to go for stone than with this compact mineral inspired by Calacatta marble.

Countertops, walls, floors and any architectural element can be dressed with this expressive material.

Montreal White

With Montreal White we obtain the perfect canvas on which to build the decoration of our home. This material of neutral tones reflects with great success the natural, organic and minimalist aesthetics that we are looking for.

It is also ideal, not only for interiors with a summery atmosphere, but it is a timeless material that will be with us for years to come.

Other trends this summer

These are some of the aspects that will set the tone this summer:

The use of plants

Contact with nature means integrating real vegetation into our homes. They not only bring vitality, energy, purify the air and are aesthetically pleasing. They are also very useful in helping to refresh the atmosphere, which is something to bear in mind when the heat arrives. Large-format species (such as palm trees, monstera or sansiviera) are popular, and they should be placed in every corner, from the living room to the bathroom.

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Intelligent furniture

Another trend we will be seeing a lot of is multifunctional furniture. We are referring to those that can be adapted according to what we are interested in at any given moment. Shelves that hide televisions, modular sofas or tables that allow you to eat and work are some of the examples.


This is another key aspect of interior design. The aim is to make the most of the hours of light that summer gives us, not only on an architectural level with large windows, but also with an intelligent use of materials. In terms of lighting, lamps with a handcrafted essence and organic finishes will be in vogue.

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Summer trends are pushing us towards organic environments full of personality. Nature intermingles with curvilinear and retro-looking pieces to create the perfect summer home, full of vitality, energy and minimalism. XTONE's proposals are the finishing touch to dress this new concept of natural minimalism that is triumphing this season.