Kitchen trends

In modern architecture, kitchens are becoming increasingly interesting since they are no longer just functional and work areas, but also spaces for enjoyment and relaxation. XTONE has found a way to make this space more vital through different trends for kitchens, a bunch of inspiring ideas and a wide range of customizable designs.

A Nordic/Scandinavian style

Freshness and warmth, perfectly balanced.

Nordic ambiances are a trend, and Scandinavian look is the absolute star in our kitchens’ design. White color, wood, light furniture, a delicate chromatic palette, and the importance of natural light are the most representative features of this decorative trend.

XTONE offers limitless aesthetical opportunities thanks to the possibility of combining islands, countertops and backsplashes, as well as floors and furniture in the same material, creating perfectly integrated spaces.

As with the minimalist trend, this design trend seeks beauty in simplicity. The brightness of the XTONE designs, featuring white marble, and the warmth of oak create kitchen ambiances with a Scandinavian cut.

The open concept makes a strong come back in interior design. Kitchens increasingly integrate to other areas of the house, such as the living room. This is one of the most outstanding features of the design of our spaces. Removing physical barriers allows to create designs that improve the appeal and, of course, the space. This is precisely the aim of these kitchens designs, since they incorporate all the elements necessary to apply the trend to the rest of the house.White and contrasted XTONE kitchens shine with a farmhouse chic look typical of French Provence, rich of vintage details. Wood and color pureness connect them to the dining room, providing continuity to their cozy and modern designs.

With a farmhouse chic aesthetic, a design that takes you back to French Provence or an abundance of vintage details, these XTONE kitchens, dominated by white and contrasts, extend towards the dining area using the presence of wood and the purity of colour as a common thread, thus giving continuity to welcoming and modern designs.

An industrial style

Fresh kitchen designs.

XTONE uses vintage glassware as a transition element to the living room, offering an alternative to classic American kitchens. This design combines the Aria White collection with classic and modern elements, resulting in perfectly balanced chromatic shades.

Otherwise, the Aged Dark collection kitchen achieves a modern and stylish look through the contrasts. Its urban nature combines the soberness of stone to the warmth of wood finishes, while incorporating metallic details and glass elements as the design touch.

A refreshed classic style

Modern kitchens with retro influences.

The industrial style perfectly combines with other noble materials such as wood or steel. Vintage details like moldings and knobs define this style even more. Traditional crockery, lamps and wrought iron elements convey the glamour and opulence, which is typical of this trend. Colors inspired by nature are in style, and particularly strong colors as green, blue, beige and black that fit perfectly with any kitchen design.

Functional and cozy kitchens, with all the ingredients necessary to conquer all five senses.

Endless surfaces, fine finishes and natural looks in perfectly integrated XTONE spaces.