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Dress the walls with XTONE

Sintered compact is a material that has brought about a real revolution in interior design. Its interesting advantages and its aesthetic sense converge in the best possible way and offer us endless possibilities.

But how can we make the most of this material? how can we choose it appropriately for the different rooms? how can we achieve a satisfactory result?

How to use sintered compact as a coating?

In any home renovation it is necessary to know the material to be used if we want to obtain a good result. In this sense, XTONE offers an interesting range of large format surfaces designed to meet all our needs.

Porcelanosa's own quality and exclusivity come together in this sintered compact, which has everything necessary to become the key piece of home decoration.


The bathroom is undoubtedly one of the favorite rooms to integrate this material, both for its aesthetic possibilities and for its optimal response to the requirements of this area of the home: it prevents the absorption of odors and liquids, and is waterproof, easy to clean and hygienic.

All these aspects make betting on sintered compact in bathroom cladding a sure success. Thanks to its infinite possibilities of applications, we can take advantage of its full potential in different ways.

As a general rule, the shower is usually the main element of the bathroom and we can give it the prominence it deserves with Marquina Black. An option with which to turn the bathroom into a sophisticated room through the purest elegance.

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Another fundamental element in bathrooms is the sink that, with the right material, we will accompany it through the wall that surrounds it and even dress the XTONE element itself. In addition, beyond the aesthetic level, it is quite smart to bet on this type of surfaces, since this area is quite exposed to splashes and moisture.

For the cladding, covering the entire bathroom with the same material is a success because of the amplitude that can be reproduced in the space. A clear example is reflected in the XTONE Carrara White bathroom, a model inspired by the beauty of white marble that shows the aesthetic possibilities that, even though it has a simple appearance, generates an environment full of neatness and sophistication.


The kitchen is one of the rooms that suffers the most, so we must calmly consider the choice of materials and opt for those that offer guarantees of resistance, durability and high quality. In this regard, it is worth mentioning the resistance to UV rays, stains and abrasion that XTONE presents, in addition to the features mentioned in the previous point.

The impermeability that characterizes the material makes it an excellent choice for the wall or backsplash area, which is constantly exposed to water and oil splashes, among many others. In this case, it is best to opt for a design that presents infinite continuity in its graphics, thus achieving the integration of the backsplash with the countertop, creating a very desirable visual effect in kitchen spaces.

Paonazzo Biondo, one of the most extraordinary choices with which to give spaces, such as kitchens, a high decorative and aesthetic value.

As a practical and functional element that allows to delimit the spaces, the island in the kitchen brings a differential and characteristic touch with XTONE. The mineral compact offers the possibility of covering this piece with collections that reflect the peculiarities of marble.

Viola Rossé, is one of the most desired options due to the graphic richness it presents. It is also a clear example of how aesthetics and practicality can go hand in hand. On the opposite side, if you are looking for a more classic and timeless design, the Aria White collection is an excellent option capable of transferring the beauty of classic marble and bringing luminosity to the room.

Other rooms

Although the requirements outside the kitchen and bathroom are not so strict, this material has a considerable value when considering the decoration of our home. The rectified, the continuity in the grain, the graphic variety and, of course, the visual aesthetics are factors to be taken into account.

The fact that it is available in large sizes and various thicknesses, as well as different finishes such as natural, polished or silky, should also not be overlooked.

· Headboard wall.

There is nothing better than accentuating the headboard with the right covering. In this context, we cannot resist the Orobico Dark collection, characterized by a dramatic veined structure and an interesting chromatic palette that conveys elegance and great majesty. All this with a modern and avant-garde touch. The Alpi Verde collection is also a success, giving the space a natural and wild air.

· Furniture.

Thanks to the possibilities offered by the sintered compact, bedroom cabinets no longer have to be accompanied by traditional materials. Reflecting the peculiarities of limestone, the Montreal collection. A safe bet with which to dress these elements.

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· On the back wall of the sofa.

Being this part where the most significant decorative elements are placed, with the sintered compact we will be able to turn the whole wall into an XXL work of art. A good example is Marquina Black. This material plays with a design that resembles the darkness of the night accompanied by fine whitish veins that illuminate the surface.

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· Columns and chimneys.

We can also consider integrating the sintered compact around columns or even in the fireplace to make it stand out and break the monotony of the room. Nylo Noir, in this regard, offers extraordinary results. In lighter shades, Calacatta Green is available; an option that gives an organic character to the space.

The sintered compact offered by XTONE is a very interesting material in home decoration and design. Thanks to the features that characterize it, along with the plus of design and visual aesthetics that it presents, it is a very interesting and successful option to dress the walls of the house.