BIRMAN GROUP & XTONE: Sunset in Tel Aviv

On September 3rd, Tel Aviv hosted an exceptional event that brought together the world of interior design and cuisine in a unique celebration.

The event was impeccably organized by Avivi Kitchen, in collaboration with Birman (official distributur of the country) , attracted the attention of 400 people. Among the participants were architects, decorators, and prominent professionals in the kitchen and design industry.

Without any doubt, the true star of the event was the extraordinary XTONE table, displayed in a charming garden where visitors had the opportunity to observe both the raw material and its application. The XTONE table, particularly the elegant Alpinus, became the focal point of attention, and photographs captured the audience admiring and touching this innovative material that skillfully combines beauty and functionality.

In the garden, a kitchen was also set up where experts demonstrated the practical application of XTONE in a culinary environment. This dual application made it possible to appreciate the material both for its elegance and simplicity and for its practicality.

Live music was another highlight of the evening, with a spectacular performance by the talented singer Nasreen Kadri. Her captivating voice and stage presence added an artistic and emotional touch to the event, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts of everyone present.

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At the end of the event, visitors were kindly presented with XTONE material coasters as a special memento of this unforgettable evening.

In summary, the evening was an extraordinary success where creativity, innovation, and beauty merged in a unique atmosphere. We look forward to future editions of this event that celebrates the synergy between design, cuisine, music, and the practical application of XTONE materials.