Star dinners at L'Escaleta

Every Wednesday the most fanatical fans of haute cuisine eagerly awaited the name of four Michelin star chefs; every Wednesday the XTONE surfaces resisted the most unexpected flavors; every Wednesday the magic mountain became a unique evening.

With the arrival of the last meal, L'Escaleta closes a period of events full of unique and unrepeatable moments through a journey of gastronomic experiences that have accompanied, over the years, a very special reason for the restaurant, the celebration of its 40th anniversary.

Located in inland Alicante province, the Restaurant L'Escaleta of the two Michelin stars and three Repsol suns chef Kiko Moya has consecrated 40 of the most prestigious chefs of the national scene with 10 exclusive dinners. Ángel León, Martín Berasategui or Jordi Cruz...have been part of this event with the preparation of unique and distinctive dishes that represent the style and essence of their cuisine.

L’Escaleta by XTONE

The celebration, which has been going on since 2020, comes to an end this last month of 2021 with the last four guests in charge of completing the 40th anniversary in style. Quique Dacosta, Nacho Manzano, Toni Romero and Pedro Sánchez have been the luxury hosts for the tenth event in Cocentaina.

Throughout this time, XTONE has been the main partner of the great gastronomic event in the province of Alicante. Becoming the new work surface of the restaurant in different applications: floor, wall and countertops, all accompanied by the high technical performance sintered compact, with a warm and industrial aesthetic.

March 4, 2020 was the date that kicked off this gastronomic experience, and the state of alarm meant that dinners were paralyzed until July 29 of the same year, a date that we will not forget with the successful reopening of the 40th anniversary L'Escaleta by the hand of Martín Berasategui, Alberto Ferruz, Erlantz Gorostiza and Paolo Casagrande.

A great opportunity to live an exclusive experience, surrounded by a magical environment and accompanied by renowned Michelin star chefs. Thus, 40 years later, hundreds of attendees have been captivated by the flavors and seasonal products in an anniversary of stars impossible to forget.