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ELLE Gourmet is recognized as a reference for those who love good food, because gastronomy, beyond being just a way of life, is also a matter of style.

ELLE Gourmet brings the reader the latest gastronomic trends, the restaurants that are a must for a good foodie, the best cooking tips and even the secrets of the great chefs.

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In each monthly edition, a well-known face will show us one of his or her best recipes and tricks in a functional kitchen with a great XTONE design. Gastronomic influencers such as Laura Ponts or Delicious Martha, who have trusted the brand for their own cooking projects, collaborate in this new format reinforcing the link and committing to new projects hand in hand with ELLE.

XTONE: The ideal choice for space renovation.

For the kitchen space created for this special occasion, ELLE Gourmet has relied on XTONE large format surfaces. The key players? Aria White, the brand's iconic statuary marble, selected for the island and worktop of the space. This very same key design has also been used for the backsplash, following the continuity up to the top shelf, which achieves a greater richness and composition in the framing.

On the other hand, XTONE's renowned ceramic wood, Ewood Camel, has been used for covering the whole space. This way, the warmth and chromatic range of the ELLE format is kept with an updated and sophisticated touch in line with the brand's image.

But it was not only the design and aesthetics that led ELLE to choose XTONE for its kitchen space, but also the material's own features. Its high resistance to extreme temperatures, waterproofness, scratch resistance and hygiene are some of the properties that make XTONE the ideal choice for this type of kitchen project, where guests can enjoy cooking without having to worry about anything.

With this new space design, XTONE integrates every corner of the kitchen so that everything is in harmony. An attractive space that accompanies country's different well-known faces to present their own and most interesting recipes together with the most resistant and beautiful surfaces: the kitchen at its fullest.