VM Stone participates with XTONE in six spaces at CASACOR São Paulo 2023

Under the motto CORPO & MORADA, the Conjunto Nacional building in São Paulo hosts these days a new edition of CASACOR in which the home is conceived as a place of knowledge, subjectivity and permanence. A concept that dialogs with people and cultural communities, translating the new relationship of humans with their bodies and their homes, since both are synonymous. Inclusion, diversity and sustainability are the topics around which this edition revolves.

VM Stone, official XTONE distributor, has fully trusted the company for its participation in the great architecture and interior design exhibition, being present in six of the spaces. XTONE's sintered stone was meticulously selected adjusting to the concept of each of the spaces exponentiating both the elegance and the meaning of these unique projects.

The House of Being: An Inclusive Space

Developed by ARQTAB and architect Maycon Fogliene, A Casa do Ser is a project created to give autonomy to the diversity of bodies through accessibility solutions carefully integrated among patio, kitchen, dining room, bedroom, office and bathroom.

Through XTONE's Taj Mahal sintered stone, used in the island, countertop, backsplash and bathroom, the space elevates its aesthetics and adds functionality to the rooms. Its delicate beige shade, combined with the subtle veins of its structure, turns the space into a haven of elegance, wellness and harmony.

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Airs of the Earth: A loft between modernity and craftsmanship

Designed around the concept of a São Paulo couple in love with the northeast of Brazil, architects Cristiane Pepe, Maria Clara Marback and Ecatherina Brasileiro, create a relaxed space that, through light and earth shades, conveys the majesty of nature. Alluding to the term biophilia (sense of connection with nature), the project brings together the contemporary and the handcrafted with impeccable harmony.

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As an essential note of this concept, XTONE's Carrara White material extends over the countertop, backsplash and island. Its grayish veining envelops the space in an aura of elegance and uniqueness, captivating visitors and inviting their touch.

Ri.To Cabin: A space for renewal

Architects Ricardo Caminada and Tota Penteado have created a wonderful corner for relaxation, renewal of energy and strengthening of emotional bonds. By highlighting the quality and sustainability of organic and handcrafted products and emphasizing the sensory experience, a warm sense of well-being is created, ideal for renewing body, mind and soul.

The strength of Bottega Acero gives the space the contemporary touch represented in the fireplace, countertop and sink. Its industrial aesthetic blends perfectly with the handcrafted image of the space, creating an ideal fusion of perspectives.

Module 53: A new concept of housing

Studio Costa + Azevedo propose a new way of living through the concept of compact housing, in a smart way and without giving up elegance. A 53sqm studio that presents the possibility of a comfortable and refined home with a great design, where you can also host friends and share spaces.

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With its pronounced gray veins, Fiori di Bosco dominates the space through its wide variety of applications. The Calacatta Gold model, on the other hand, was chosen for both tables in the studio, giving the groundbreaking touch with its striking golden veins.

The Abode of the Soul: Connection between the body and the essence

Aiming to deepen the relationship between human body and architecture, Quintino Facci has created a space meticulously planned in three main areas based on functionality: kitchen, bathroom, and social area. With a minimalist décor, the Raw Smoke sintered stone that covers the countertops of the space, joins the neutral palette and cozy materials that bring comfort to the senses.

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Pied-à-Terre São Paulo: The visitor's perfect retreat

Architect Luiz Otávio Debeus develops an 83sqm studio designed for a visitor to São Paulo looking for a special place in the city. The eclectic style of the space is manifested through the combination of patterns, colors and pieces, creating a great visual symphony. The studio is divided into four areas: a living room, a multipurpose space consisting of an office, kitchen and dining room, a bedroom and a bathroom. It is here that XTONE's Marquina Black marble stands out in all its splendor.

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These six interior design studios have managed to capture the versatility of the material and showcase it to the fullest through amazingly innovative and exquisite spaces. A projection of XTONE's great adaptability in one of the most important showcases of interior design in Brazil.