Wonder Chamber, Casa Decor 2023

Designed by the interior design studio Vonna Estudio, it presents a simile of what is known as a room of curiosities, a place where memories are accumulated and surprising objects are collected. Delamora, renowned kitchen furniture company, participates one more year in Casa Decor with a kitchen concept that takes us into the unknown, into a new reality.

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A good story always has to have a good backdrop, a good staging that is reinforced with the participation of XTONE, through the authenticity of natural stone and the marked innovation of porcelain stoneware. The participation of brands such as Dake faucets, Manila Wall Arts, Jung or Loewe enhance the poetics of space.

In its commitment to using durable materials, Vonna Cocinas has also relied on Miele to integrate its appliances into the space. The premium appliance brand offers the most durable products on the market, as it is the only company in the industry that tests its products so that they have a useful life equivalent to 20 years. Equipment that stands out for its quality, innovation, design, and efficiency to offer the highest comfort to consumers without neglecting its concern for the environment.

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In short, it creates a space where there is no hierarchy, but all the materials involved are better together and are gathered under the same support: the kitchen.

Wonder Chamber as a starting point, not an end

Considered as the precursors of today's art museums, the rooms of wonders appeared throughout the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries as rooms that kept the most unique objects, memories, perceptions, and the most beautiful relics; elements, which together allowed to open a window to the unknown, and accordingly, towards the creation of new realities.

Also known as cabinets de curiosités in France, as Wunderkammern in Germany or in England as Wonder Chamber; under this name the space becomes a paradise of memory, uncertain and endless, which generates a new invented reality, a new journey into the unknown and emotional.

Inspired by these cabinets of curiosities from the Renaissance, Vonna Estudio lands this concept, taking it to its peak, with the superposition and coexistence of heterogeneous materials that, together, multiply the beauty of the space.

Under a ''museistic'' approach, the space becomes a showcase where the personal obsessions of both creators are unveiled. A collection of precious objects that coexist and draw a new geography with materials such as brass, cherry blossoms, walnut wood or fossils and antiques; XTONE is capable of deepening on the porcelain a real collection of fossils, TURA, the material dresses in its maximum expression the entire floor of the space.

A kitchen concept far from tradition.

The space presented for Casa Decor 2023 is a showcase in which all these singularities are collected and incorporated. Thanks to Delamora's ability to work in a personalized way together with the creativity with which Vonna endows the space, and the elements used in it, give rise to Wonder Chamber.

Fossils, corals, marble fragments, walnut wood or brass that, together, tell a story where the viewer feels as if he had entered a dream world, a new invented reality. It is a gift for the eye that beholds.

A space that takes the layered juxtaposition of all materials as its basis and leaves aside the concept that each project has its key piece to rely on elements that make up the space at the same time: walnut hypertextured with Breccia Pernice, Opera Fantastico mixed with honed Breccia Imperiale; a blend of materials that enhance each other.

XTONE also works as a counterpoint to all the handcrafted materials made for this ephemeral space. The porcelain stoneware will remain, it will be the only thing that can be reinterpreted at the end of the new edition of Casa Decor 2023, it will be the only thing that will remain, that can be repeated.

The firm has transferred the essence and beauty of Wonder Chamber to the viewer through a series of events. On the one hand, with the visit to Casa Decor by three of its ambassadors: Vanesa Lorenzo, Rosa Copado and Natalia López, they discovered the more personal side of the project carried out by Delamora and Vonna Studio. On the other hand, XTONE gave the creators of the space the leading role they deserve, accompanying them in the presentation of the project carried out in the Casa Decor auditorium, which in its two editions has left all the guests who have been part speechless. of this experience.